Destroy Them sermon video. Destroy them! Once I, a pastor, became so embittered I wanted a similar thing to take place on someone. I wanted God to destroy them, burn them up, gone, dust, evaporated, and no children. “God hit them in the jaw. Break their teeth out” (Psa 3:7) Break their arm (Psa 10:15). Make them vanish. Sweep them away (Psa 58).” I was biblical, but I knew better. The only person I destroyed and burned up with hate was me. I was feeding my hatred with scriptures. I thought I was the godly one, but I didn’t realize what spirit I was of.


Destroy Them sermon video Luke 9:51-56

By Delbert Young

Sermon notes


Destroy Them sermon video Luke 9:51-56

Scriptures: Luke 9:51; Luke 9:52; Hebrews 13:2; Luke 9:53-54; Luke 9:55-56

We’ve all experienced times when we were so angered and injured by someone we wanted to “Burn Them Up!” haven’t we? We wanted to call down God’s wrath and vaporize them. We’ll be talking about that shortly.

There was severe animosity even hatred between the Jewish people and the Samaritan people dating back to the days just after Solomon. Solomon heavily taxed the people. After his death, Solomon’s son Rehoboam ruled (1Ki ll:43). The people asked Rehoboam to lighten the yoke of taxes and labor, but he refused to listen to the wisdom of the elders and needs of the populace (similar to our government today). Instead, Rehoboam confided with his friends and increased them. Be cautious from whom you receive advice. It will bring long term consequences upon you and your children. The bad advice and decision brought a revolt led by a man named Jeroboam. Be cautious of who you follow in life. It too brings long term consequences for you and your children… (continue sermon notes)

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