Old Abraham Gave Up The Ghost And Died sermon video. The life spirit of Abraham was not forced from him. ‘Abraham gave up the ghost.’ We know this is exactly what the Lord did on the cross. We know that Paul knew his time had come and also approached his departure in this fashion. I firmly believe we should fight for every breath as long as we believe we should be alive. When the time comes we too should be able to give up the ghost.

by Delbert Young

Old Abraham Gave Up The Ghost And Died sermon video

Abraham the Friend of God

Sermon Notes

Old Abraham Gave Up The Ghost And Died sermon video

Scriptures: Genesis 24:67, Genesis 25:1-2, Genesis 25:3-4, 1 Peter 2:9, Romans 9:7, Galatians 3:16, Galatians 3:7, 11, 28-29 Genesis 25:5-6, Genesis 21:12, Genesis 25:9-10

We watched as Abram and Lot separated because of strife (Gen 13). There was rescuing Lot and the communion with Melchizedek (Gen 14). There was the natural covenant of Genesis 15 where the animals were sacrificed. There was the spiritual covenant in Genesis 17 where Isaac was promised. We were with Abraham and Sarah as they went through the Hagar and Ishmael situation (Gen 16). We watched as the Lord changed Abram and Sarai to Abraham and Sarah (Gen 17). We watched as the Lord God visited and ate with Abraham and told Abraham of the destruction of Sodom (Gen 18). We heard Abraham lie to Abimelech (Gen 20). We were there when Isaac was born and when Isaac was weaned (Gen 21). We went to Moriah with Abraham and Isaac to see Abraham’s hand stopped (Gen 22). We were there when Sarah died (Gen 23). We watched as Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for Isaac. We will today see Isaac and Rebekah married and Abraham marry again. We have traveled with Abraham for more than 100 years of life. That study of Abraham, the friend of God, concludes with this lesson. Today Abraham will die.

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