Handling Difficult People Sermon Series

Handling Difficult People Sermon Series video audio notes. So what do the scriptures say about controlling people? How do we handle manipulation by others? What are some scripture verses to help us? Are we to simply be people pleasers? What if a husband is controlling? Furthermore, what if a wife is manipulative? What do the scriptures say? Additionally, what if a mother or a friend is manipulative?

I attempt to help us with this age-old problem. For instance every day of life we encounter critical people, overly needy people, controlling manipulative people, and hypocritical people. Let’s shed a little light on this subject.

Handling Difficult People Sermon Series video audio notes

by Delbert Young

Handling Difficult People

Handling Difficult People Sermon Series video audio notes


Handling Critical People sermon video audio notes

(3,249 YouTube views) Handling critical people is not difficult when we realize people will criticize you. Realize everyone does not feel critical about you. We must listen to wise criticism. Dismiss foolish criticism. Evaluate a critical person’s mental and physical state. By doing this, you will position yourself among the wise. The first thing to realize is that people are going to criticize you no matter who you are or what you do. It was Abraham Lincoln who said while being criticized, “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” and they shot him. You will be criticized, but hopefully not shot.

Handling Overly Needy People video audio notes

(2,931 YouTube views). Overly needy people will literally suck the life and resources out of you. Specifically, they drain you emotionally and fill you with guilt if you allow them. So, if you do not set boundaries, you will be contributing over and over and again and again to their addictions. Christians should be incredibly generous. Here at Life Gate, we do a good job giving help to needy people. We have our alms account specifically set up to help, but I must admit we often give to the “OVERLY NEEDY” and not those in need.

What I mean by OVERLY NEEDY PEOPLE is people we attempt to help, but who do not help themselves. They are the habitually needy. They consistently find themselves in constant need and if you allow them, they will suck your life and your resources out of you.

1 Handling Controlling Manipulative People sermon video audio notes

(50,000 YouTube views – (get the book for a reference). Today we are going to talk about Handling Controlling Manipulative People. We find these people all throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Eve manipulated Adam. Sarah controlled Hagar and manipulated Abraham. Also, Jacob manipulated Esau. Furthermore, Laban manipulated and controlled Jacob. Additionally, Miriam and Aaron even tried to control and manipulate Moses. In another case, Eli’s sons controlled and manipulated the people. Certainly, Delilah manipulated Samson. That’s a good one. You remember the story. Delilah manipulated Samson into telling her the secret of his strength so she could turn him over to his enemies.

Handling Hypocritical People video audio notes

How many believe you know someone who could be, at times, a hypocrite? No pointing, please! Equally important, how many of us are mature enough to admit openly by the raising of hands we have been a hypocrite? To clarify, no matter if you raised your hand or not, all of us can be a hypocrite. So how do we handle hypocritical people even when we are the hypocritical people?

Handling Difficult People Sermon Series video audio notes

Handling Difficult People Sermon

Handling Difficult People Sermon Series video audio notes

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