Baptism In Water sermon series

Baptism In Water Sermon Series. Sometimes it seems even Christians do not know the purpose of water baptism. This is a series to help us understand the purpose and the reason we are to be baptized in water

Baptism in Water Sermon Series

By Delbert Young

Baptism in Water Sermon Series

Water Baptism 101 sermon notes audio video

Salvation is not adding Jesus into our life. Salvation is Jesus adding us into his death, burial, and resurrection all displayed through the solemn act of water baptism. In water baptism, we know there is the involvement of water, but most Christians are not exactly positive about what the water symbolizes. Also, there’s confusion about how much water. Should we sprinkle, pour, or totally dunk the person?

Baptism Into Jesus sermon notes audio video

When baptized in water, you are immersed into Christ Jesus. In correct baptism in water, the water becomes Christ Jesus in an object lesson symbolism (Rom 6:3) uniting you with him. The children of Israel were in the Old Covenant and baptized into Moses. We are baptized into Jesus.

Jesus Said So sermon notes audio video

“…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you,” is what Jesus said. This thought brings us to these questions we should all ask. “Why should I be baptized in water if I’ve already become a disciple of Jesus Christ?” Answer: Jesus said so. “But, if the blood of Jesus cleansed me from my sin, why should I be baptized in water?” Answer: Jesus said so. “But, isn’t baptism in water simply an archaic act? Jesus said we are to be baptized in water. Jesus said so.

Baptism In Water Sermon Series

Baptism In Water Sermon Series

Baptism In Water Sermon Series

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