Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio

Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio. The purpose of this study is to adjust and correct our theology. This book is full of theological foundational information. We go Psalm by Psalm and verse by verse as we build our faith and knowledge.

Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio

Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio

Introduction Psalms Audio

Psalms Introduction Audio. We are instructed to teach one another with Psalms (Col 3:16). The Book of Psalms spreads out over a thousand years. Psalms – We are instructed to teach one another with Psalms (Col 3:16). The Book of Psalms spreads out over a thousand years. Psalms speak about praise, prayer, the king, love, enemies, and on and on. It speaks about how the Lord rules the earth and the universe, not the devil. This will be an interesting study.

1 Psalms Audio

This psalm talks about the two types of people, i.e. the blessed and the wicked. The blessed delight in the law of the Lord. The wicked couldn’t care less about God’s laws. Which are we?

2 Psalms Audio

The thrust of the Psalm is the foolishness of the heathens to rage. In Acts 2 we see why – God’s purposes is predestined to occur.

Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio

3 Psalms Part 1 Audio

How do we respond when we feel surrounded by enemies? We need to remember our covenant with God. Outline “Surrounded by enemies” (v 1-2), “Sustained by the Lord” (v 3-6), “Saved – Salvation belongs to Jehovah” (v 7-8).

3 Psalms Part 2 Audio

This is the first imprecatory prayer in Psalms. David thanks God for striking his enemies in the face and shattering their teeth. Outline “Surrounded by enemies” (v 1-2), “Sustained by the Lord” (v 3-6), “Saved – Salvation belongs to Jehovah” (v 7-8).

4 Psalms Audio

Outline “Call to God” (v 1), “Warning of deception” (v 2-5), “Peace in God” (v 6-8). Deception comes in five ways: 1) Not honoring people; 2) Loving worthless things; 3) Not understanding the mark of the Lord; 4) Not believing the Lord hears our prayers; and 5) Sin has no consequences.

5 Psalms Audio

The righteous obtain the favor of God. David said they will receive God’s favor and His favor is like a shield. Psalm Outline “Morning Prayer” (v 1-3), “They are rebellious” (v 4-10), “The Lord’s favor is like a shield” (v 11-12).

Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio

6 Psalms Audio

This Psalm is about being sick. David said sickness is because of God’s wrath and anger. The outline of the Psalm is “Prayer for healing” (v 1-3), “Prayer for soul healing” (v 4-7), “Prayer for covenant assurance” (v 8-10). When we read something in God’s Word and don’t understand it we must realize it’s our knowledge lacking, not the Word of God.

7 Psalms Audio

Outlined as “Refuge” (v 1-2), “Inward gaze” (v 3-5), “Vindication” (v 6-11), “Non-repentant” (v 12-16), “Vow” (v 17). A Benjamite brother of David said some negative things about David. Have you ever had a Christian brother, or sister, say negative things about you? Let’s see how David talked to God about this.

8 Psalms Audio

This Psalm speaks of the glory and majesty of God and the majesty of man. The word “LORD” (uppercase) is Jehovah. Jehovah was the covenant name and Lord in the Old Testament. Is Jehovah Lord in the New Testament? No. Is Jehovah superior to Jesus? No. There is no name above the name of Jesus Christ. Philippians 2:9 Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name

Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio

9 Psalms Audio

This is a Psalm about judgment. We hear people say, “God blessed me! God blessed me!” We never hear people say, “God judged me.” The Psalm is outlined as “I will” (v 1-2), “Blot out their names” (v 3-6), “Throne for judgment” (v 7-10), and “Sing praises to the Lord” (v 11-20).

10 Psalms Part 1 Audio

Psalms 10 Psalms Study deals with the wickedness within natural Israel. The church is the spiritual Israel, so we learn about the wickedness within the church in this psalm. Outline: “Why Lord” (v 1), “Pride” (v 2-11), “Arise O Lord” (v 12-15), “The Lord is king” (v 16-18).

10 Psalms Part 2 Audio

David prayed, “Break the arm of the wicked and the evildoer.” David prays against mean people who prey on others. The problem is there is some sin and wickedness in me and in all of us.

11 Psalms Audio

Things can be crumbling all around. People can tell us to flee, but David understood “The Lord is in His temple.  Outline “How can you say” (v 1-3), “The Lord is in His temple” (v 4-7)

Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio

12 and 13 Psalms Audio

Our hearts should cry out for godly men. The only way to have godly men is to change men’s hearts. Laws change when hearts change. Outline Psalm 8 “War of words” (v 1-7), “War continues” (v 8)

14 and 15 Psalms Audio

What makes up a fool? A fool lacks in reverence. “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good.”

16 Psalms Audio

David said the Lord is his Lord, but He is also David’s master. Many areas of our lives the Lord is not master.

Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio

17 Psalms Audio

The Psalmist says he has purposed his mouth not to transgress. We must purpose this or it will do it all by itself.  Outline “Hear O Lord” (v 1-5), “Keep me as the apple of your eye” (v 6-12), “Confront him” (v 13-14), “I will be satisfied with Your likeness” (v 15).

18 Part 1 Psalms Audio

God wants to move us from things outdated such as praise, prayer, escaping, church order, etc. God never changes, but is progressive. Outline “My Lord Is,” “My Lord heard,” “My Lord came,” “My Lord rescued,” “My Lord rewarded me,” “My Lord girded me,” “My Lord Lives.”

18 Psalms Part 3 Audio

“My Lord girded me” and “My Lord lives.” This Psalm is about warfare. Christ followers are in constant warfare. We take David’s physical warfare and look at it in spiritual warfare truths.

x19 Psalms Audio

Outline “Testimony of the heavens” (v 1-6), “Testimony of the word” (v 7-14). The heavenlies declare God’s glory. We the church are in heavenly places and declare His glory.

19 Psalms Part 2 Audio

David said the Law is perfect. It’s sweet and desirable. It’s judgments are to be desired. Is this how we see God’s law? Usually not.

Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio

20 Psalms Audio

Battle Hymn Psalms Study is a prayer for war before war. It is a preparation for war. There are blessings in battle when done correctly. Outline “May the Lord” (v 1-4), “We will” (5-8), “I know.”

21 Psalms Audio

David said the Lord would destroy the offspring of the wicked. This is not popular doctrine. Let’s take a look. Outline “Through the loving kindness,” “I will not be shaken,” “Their offspring You will destroy,” “Praise Your power.”

Psalms Study Sermon Series

22 Psalms Audio

This psalm shows David down and then up. It’s a cry of anguish and a song of praise. I discuss it as a doe of morning. Outline “Why have you forsaken me” (v 1-2), “You are enthroned” (v 3-5), “I am a worm” (v 6-8), “You brought me forth” (v 9-10), “Bulls surround me” (v 11-21), “The kingdom is the Lord’s” (v 22-31).

23 Psalms Audio

What can be said about this very popular psalm? The outline would be “Shepherd, preparer, purpose” (v 1-6). The psalm moves from the present to eternity.

24 Psalms Audio

Authors in Scriptures never saw a debate on who owned the earth and controlled it. It was not the devil, Satan, Lucifer, or anyone else. Outline “The earth is the Lord’s all is His” (v 1-2), “Who may ascend” “The king of glory”

24 Psalms Part 2 Audio

This Psalm talks about ascending into the higher dimensions. To accomplish this we must get our minds off earthly issues and worldly things. Outline: The Earth is the Lords (v 1-2), Who may ascend (v 3-6), The King of glory (v 7-10)

Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio

25 Psalms Audio

Where does depression come when it invades us? It comes to the soul. King David dealt with depression. We take a look at what David did to overcome it. Outline: Lift up my soul (v 1-3); Make me know your ways (v 4-11); Who is the man (v 12-16); Guard my soul (v 17-22)

26 Psalms Audio

The heart of David was for the Lord to deal with him. Our heard should desire the Lord to judge us so we will be on the correct side of God. Outline: Vindicate me (v 1-7); Habitation of Your house (v 8-12).

27 Psalms Part 1 Audio

This and many Psalm begins with “A Psalm of David.” However there should be a Psalm of “Your name,” and a Psalm of “my name.” David didn’t have a patent on writing and singing psalms to the Lord. Outline: Whom shall I fear (v 1-3); One thing have I asked (v 4-6); My heart said (v 7-10); Teach me Your way (v 11-14).

Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio

27 Psalms Part 2 Audio

David told us two things he received from being in the house of the Lord. He saw the Lord’s beauty and meditate in His temple. When we come to church we should see the beauty of the Lord in His people, and we should mediate about His word.

28 Psalms Audio

Jehovah was David’s rock. Our rock is Jesus Christ. Jesus said to build our house upon the rock being His teachings of the kingdom of God. Outline: Do not drag me away with wicked (v 1-3); Repay them (v 4-5); With my song I shall thank Him (v 6-9).

29 Psalms Part 1 Audio

We ascribe to the Lord the good things happening in our lives, but we ascribe to the devil the bad things. Is this accurate theology? I don’t think so. Outline: Ascribe to the LORD (v 1-2); The voice of the Lord (v 3-9); Lord sits as king forever (v 10-11).

Psalms Study Sermon Series

Psalms Study Sermon Series

Psalms Study Sermon Series

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Psalms Study Sermon Series Audio