Straight Talk Foundation Study Audio

Straight Talk Foundation Study. From time to time it’s good to reteach doctrine. There should be people in a congregation who need to hear what a church believes and teaches. Also, a teacher should grow and be able to show new truths he or she has learned. It’s also necessary for long-time members to hear again the truths that changed their lives.

Straight Talk Foundation Study Audio


Straight Talk 1 – The Kingdom Audio

The Kingdom of God “IS.” God brought you into it. It’s not of this world or of the natural realm. You have power over the devil. The purpose of the born again experience is not so we can die and go to heaven. It’s so we can see the kingdom of God.

Straight Talk 2 – God First and Heaven Audio

God First and Heaven. The Kingdom of God comes out of heaven and includes learning and implementing God’s ways. Our lives should become better and better. Jesus came to give us life and that abundantly. The goodness of God and the goodness of life should constantly ascend. The kingdom of God comes out of/from heaven.

3 – Sowing the Word Of The Kingdom Audio

Sowing the Word Of The Kingdom. Jesus said this is what we are to sow. This is what gives us a life producing thirty fold, sixty fold, and 100 fold returns. Though people continuously go around the same mountains, stay in the same wilderness, eat the same quail until it comes out their noses, and fight the same battles, we never judge. We show mercy.

Straight Talk 4 Overcoming VS Escaping Audio

Overcoming VS Escaping. Has the church moved from an overcoming mentality to an escape mentality? Is the rapture the purpose or is overcoming the purpose of the church? Which mentality should a minister teach people?

5 – Signs Of Second Coming Audio

Signs Of Second Coming. The Lord told us we should be able to analyze the times. There are at least 7 signs/seasons that must take place before the Lord comes at the end of time. Jesus cannot come until His enemies are made His footstools. The natural Jew must come to Christ.

Straight Talk Foundation Study Audio

Straight Talk Foundation Study Audio

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