Demons and Darkness sermon series videos audios notes. Have you ever come face-to-face with a person who had a demon (or a demon who had a person)? I want to talk about Demons And Darkness. My wife reminded me of a young man coming to our house once. He’d heard me speak of the influence of the devil. My wife told him, The one thing worse than believing there is a demon behind every bush is believing there are no demons at all.

At some point in our Christian walk, we will come face to face with a demon and darkness.


Demons and Darkness

Demons And Darkness

Met By A Demon – sermon video audio notes

I find the majority of the church world scarcely believes in the existence of Demons And Darkness. A pedophile, could that maybe be demonic? Does it not come from some dark place only a possessed person would go? A rapist, would this be demonic? Society can lock these people away for years, but when released, they do it again. True Alcoholics and drug addicts fit into this arena also. A drug addict will go so far as to steal from his or her own family, or even kill to get a fix. There is definitely darkness and evil in these.

Demon From Childhood – sermon video audio notes

Jesus asked a father how long his son had been throwing himself on the ground, into fire, foaming out his mouth, being rigid, and robbed of speech. The father answered, From Childhood. Parents, our children can be possessed by demons from childhood.

A Spirit Of – sermon video audio notes

At some point in our Christian walk, we will come face to face with a demon and darkness. The person will have a spirit of something evil.


Demons and darkness


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