Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes. Jesus healed thousands during his ministry. There is a miracle in releasing the spoken word for healing; Also, in rebuking sickness; Indeed, in touching and speaking to your body; as well as in forgiveness of sin; moreover in doing whatever he tells you; in people praying for you; also, in anointing oil

By Pastor Delbert Young

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes







Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

Scriptures: Matthew 4:23-24, Matthew 15:30, Matthew 19:2, Matthew 21:14, Luke 4:40, John 4:53, Luke 4:39, Mark 1:41, Luke 5:24-25, John 20:22-23, James 5:14-15, Mark 3:5-6, John 9:7, Luke 10:1, Luke 10:9, Mark 6:12-13, Acts 9:17-18

How many believe that God desires that we be healed and whole physically and mentally as much as he desires we be healed and whole spiritually? Sure he does, but you need to settle that. Most believers do not feel that God cares as much about their bodies as he does their spirit. They have an idea that their body is third class. God loves you – all of you, spirit, soul, and body. All are important in the kingdom and your healing is important to Jesus. If you don’t settle that then your healing could be blocked or hindered.

(KJV) Matthew 4:23 And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.

(NIV) Matthew 4:23 Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people.

It says “ALL MANNER…” “EVERY DISEASE AND SICKNESS…” God is extremely concerned about your physical health. Jesus taught and preached that the kingdom of God is GOOD NEWS about GOOD THINGS! Those GOOD THINGS include healing all manner of – every – sickness and all manner of – every – diseases among the people. That would include mental sickness and disease, physical sickness and disease, as well as spiritual sickness and disease. If you are a citizen of the kingdom of God then you have every right to the healing in the kingdom of God.

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

So, allow me to ask, how many of us KNOW (not think) that God has healed you physically in your life? Would you stand to your feet for me a minute please if you KNOW that God has touched you physically? GREAT! Let’s thank the Lord for healing!

I want you to know that if you have a sickness today, or ever have a sickness, there is a miracle awaiting you. If you are a citizen of the kingdom or know someone who is who will pray for you, then there is a miracle awaiting you. God is going to find some way to get you healed if you will EXPECT THE MIRACULOUS! I don’t care what kind of sickness it is because Jesus can heal all manner of sickness and disease among the people.

Did you know that there are no less than 15 detailed stories in the Bible about Jesus specifically healing people physically?

However, those 15 stories are not inclusive of the many times when Jesus would have healing lines and pray for and heal people. I want to first show you that Jesus healed thousands of people and then I want to focus on some of those specific stories.

 News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed, and he healed them. Matthew 4:24

Great crowds came to him, bringing the lame, the blind, the crippled, the mute and many others, and laid them at his feet; and he healed them. Matthew 15:30 

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

Large crowds followed him, and he healed them there. Matthew 19:2 

The blind and the lame came to him at the temple, and he healed them. Matthew 21:14 

When the sun was setting, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying his hands on each one, he healed them. Luke 4:40 

There was a miracle in every sickness. Every pain has a miracle in it. Every paralysis has a miracle in it. Also, every seizure has a miracle in it, and every lame, blind, cripple, and mute situation has a miracle in it. If you are sick today, YOUR SICKNESS HAS A MIRACLE IN IT.

I found myself asking a question as I studied this. Why did the Holy Spirit have the writers of the gospels select and record 15 or so specific detailed stories about healing from the thousands of instances that Jesus healed people? Why are these 15 (or so) selected and given more detail about? Here is my conclusion. I cannot tell you how many people that I have prayed for in my many years of ministry to receive physical healing. There are more than I can remember. Sometimes healing came instantaneously.

Sometimes healing came in a few days or weeks. And, sometimes it never came. I prayed the same way, and I used the same formula. Also, I even used the same oil and lay on the same hands, but for whatever reason, healing did not come to some. It came to many, but not to all. I THINK THE REASON THAT THESE 15 (OR SO) DETAILED HEALINGS ARE RECORDED IS TO HELP SHOW US HOW TO HELP DIFFICULT SICKNESSES BECOME A MIRACLE.

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

As I looked through those 15 stories about the miracle of healing, I noted two points I want to share with you.

Our plan is to share one of these points today and the other point two Sundays from today. I will be going to a conference next week and my wife Judy will share next Sunday. So, you don’t want to miss that. I will be here, but won’t be teaching. My prayer is that within these two points, you will acquire your miracle especially if you have a difficult sickness.


I know that is not a great revelation yet, but let me work with it for just a minute. Jesus healed people differently.

Sometimes Jesus would simply speak and release a word of healing. Once, a Nobleman came to Jesus and asked Jesus to heal his child who was miles away. Jesus told him that the boy would live and the Nobleman went home, and I imagine a little upset because Jesus didn’t come to his house. But, the boy’s miracle wasn’t in Jesus going to the house. His miracle was in releasing the spoken word of healing. The boy did live and the father asked what time the boy became better.

John 4:53 Then the father realized that this was the exact time at which Jesus had said to him, “Your son will live.” So he and all his household BELIEVED.

Miracles of healing should cause people to believe. This area and every area wants to see the God of the Bible – the God of miracles. We need to EXPECT THE MIRACULOUS and allow it to bring our loved ones into the kingdom.

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

There is a healing miracle in releasing the spoken word. I have had people call me on the telephone and ask me to pray for them – release a word – for their healing and they would be healed. Is there someone that you have great confidence in concerning healing? Don’t take that lightly. The Lord has put them on your heart. Call them and ask them to release the word of healing for you. THERE IS A MIRACLE IN RELEASING THE SPOKEN WORD OF HEALING.

Sometimes, Jesus would speak to and rebuke the sickness. Once Jesus was at Peter’s house and Peter’s mother-in-law had a very high fever.

Luke 4:39 So he bent over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her. She got up at once and began to wait on them.

Speak to and rebuke your sickness. The Greek word translated rebuke is epitimao (Strong’s #2008) and means to harshly admonish, to forbid. Forbid it to have a place in your body. Command it to leave you. Have others rebuke it. THERE IS A MIRACLE IN REBUKING YOUR SICKNESS.

Sometimes, Jesus would touch people and speak to a person’s body. A leper came to Jesus and said that, if Jesus was willing, Jesus could heal him.

Mark 1:41 Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. “Be clean!”

Jesus wants to heal you. Allow godly people to touch you and speak to your body. We need to not just pray for a person’s healing. We need to speak to the sickness and to the body. Jesus simply said, “Be healed.” “Be clean.” THERE IS A MIRACLE IN TOUCHING AND SPEAKING TO YOUR BODY.

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

Sometimes Jesus would forgive sins and heal. There is a story about some men who brought a paralyzed friend to Jesus on a cot. They couldn’t get their friend close to Jesus because of the crowd, so they carried him up on the roof, ripped a hole in the roof, and lowered the man to where Jesus was.

Luke 5:24 But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins….” He said to the paralyzed man, “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.”

Luke 5:25 Immediately he stood up in front of them, took what he had been lying on and went home praising God.

I want to try and say something that may sound off the wall, but I can back it up. Jesus is far more concerned about your healing than your sin. He can deal with and forgive your sins. The only sin he will not deal with is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Jesus healed the man at the Pool of Bethesda and then later told him to stop sinning (Joh 5:14). Don’t allow sin to stop your healing. Receive forgiveness and be healed.

I don’t want to get misdirected on our subject of healing, but you and I have the authority to forgive sins if we have received the Holy Spirit.

John 20:22 And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.

John 20:23 If you forgive anyone his sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.”

Also, James tells us that the forgiveness of sin is sometimes a part of the healing process.

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

James 5:14 Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord.

James 5:15 And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven.

Delbert, are you saying that I have sin in my life? I don’t care if you are full of sin. I forgive them. Now, don’t get upset because I said I forgive your sins. Simply receive it and receive your healing. I am trying to get you healed. Get someone to speak God’s forgiveness over you. Find some elders with oil and allow the prayer of faith to make you well. THERE IS A MIRACLE IN FORGIVENESS OF SIN.

Lots of times Jesus would heal people on the Sabbath day and this would upset religious people. Jesus got lots of grief because of this. According to the law, he wasn’t supposed to heal people on the Sabbath day because that was work; but Jesus healed on the Sabbath many times. Jesus was preaching one Sabbath and there was a man on the front row with a crippled hand. The Pharisees were watching and Jesus knew it.

Mark 3:5 He looked around at them in anger and, deeply distressed at their stubborn hearts, said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He stretched it out, and his hand was completely restored.

Mark 3:6 Then the Pharisees went out and began to plot with the Herodians how they might kill Jesus.

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

The religious teaching that said people cannot be healed on the Sabbath day attempted to block that man’s miracle. Maybe, religious people have told you things that have blocked your miracle. It’s time to get angry about it. Get angry at false teachings. They block our miracles. They make the word of God of none effect (Mar 7:13). Maybe, you have heard healing is not for today. Or maybe, you have been told that some special person has to pray for you. In addition, maybe, you have been told something like, “Well, God will heal you, if it’s his will.” No! It is his will. THERE IS A MIRACLE IN GETTING ANGRY AT AND BREAKING AWAY FROM FALSE TEACHINGS.

Once, Jesus made mud with spit and dirt, rubbed it on a blind man’s eyelids, and told him to go wash it off at a specific place.

John 9:7 “Go,” he told him, “wash in the Pool of Siloam” (this word means Sent). So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.

Has the Lord maybe told you to go someplace or to do something? Has he sent you someplace specific? That man would not have received his sight had he not gone and done exactly what the Lord told him. THERE IS A MIRACLE IN DOING WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU.

Jesus also used people to heal people. He sent people just like you and me out to preach and teach about his kingdom and to heal people.

Luke 10:1 The Lord now chose seventy-two other disciples and sent them on ahead in pairs to all the towns and villages he planned to visit.

Luke 10:9 and heal the sick. As you heal them, say, ‘The Kingdom of God is near you now.’

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

Mark 6:12 They went out and preached that people should repent.

Mark 6:13 They drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them.

Along with preaching and teaching, we should be anointing people with oil and healing them. THERE IS A HEALING MIRACLE IN PEOPLE. THERE IS A HEALING MIRACLE IN ANOINTING OIL.

The Lord will use people to heal you that you don’t like or may even hate and despise. Saul, before he became the apostle Paul, hated and despised Christians. He loathed them and was doing everything he could to kill them. In the process of doing that one day Saul lost his eyesight. Jesus sent a Christian – a person Saul despised – named Ananias to pray for Saul and heal him.

Acts 9:17 Then Ananias went to the house and entered it. Placing his hands on Saul, he said, “Brother Saul, the Lord – Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here – has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Acts 9:18 Immediately, something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again. He got up and was baptized,

There was a miracle for Saul by allowing someone to lay hands on him and pray for him Saul didn’t like. Please, never allow personal feelings to block your miracle. Is there someone that you dislike or worse? Your miracle might be in their praying for you. THERE IS A MIRACLE IN GETTING PEOPLE TO PRAY FOR YOU THAT YOU DON’T LIKE.

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

The Lord healed people in all sorts of ways and he used all sorts of people to heal. My point in all this is that GOD WILL — USE ANYTHING AND ANYONE TO GET YOU HEALED! He will find a day you can be healed. The Lord will find the right person to pray for you to get you healed. Moreover, He wants you healed and he knows THERE IS A MIRACLE IN YOUR SICKNESS. Jesus is looking for a way to heal you. He will use spit and mud, a doctor, a preacher, a friend, or even someone you despise, but he will find a way to heal you.


Jesus healed thousands during his ministry and there are some special healing miracles. There is a miracle in releasing the spoken word healing; in rebuking the sickness; Also, in touching and speaking to your body; As well as in forgiveness of sin; in getting angry at and breaking away from false teachings; in doing whatever he tells you; indeed, in people praying for you; in anointing oil; also, in getting people to pray for you that you don’t like. GOD WILL — USE ANYTHING AND ANYONE TO GET YOU HEALED!

We are going to pray for people now. I want you to be EXPECTING THE MIRACULOUS! There will be elders praying. Also, there will be others praying. Of course, there will be anointing oil here. There will be spit and mud here – kidding. What I mean is there will be anything we can find to get you your miracle. How many are ready to give and receive a healing miracle? Give the Lord and shout and a handclap. Amen!

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

Expect A Miracle In Your Sickness sermon video audio notes

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