Faith sermon series videos audios notes

Faith sermon series videos audios notes. Is faith our believing harder, believing better, believing longer, or is Biblical faith something different? Let’s think about real faith.

Faith Sermon Series Page

Faith sermon series videos audios notes

Sermon series on Faith videos audios notes

Faith Of God  video audio notes

The thought is the faith of God does impossible things. It’s faith of God when you believe God will do something huge for you or others. FAITH OF GOD will stretch you spiritually. FAITH OF GOD will cause you to say, do, and believe seemingly crazy things like curse disease, and command demons to come out of people. You know, sort of act like Jesus.

Faith to Take Risks Part video audio notes

Remember, no matter what you do new, you never know every step of the way. Faith is taking risks and having confidence in God Almighty to see you through. If you always live in “play it safe” mentality, you will never get off dead center. You will never experience the horizons God has for you. David’s FAITH TO TAKE RISKS propelled David to new horizons and his destiny. That’s what God wants to do for you.

Faith to Take Risks part 2 video audio notes

If we play it safe, we become stagnant. We become stagnant toward everything – occupation, marriage, family, and especially God. If we do not need to use/pull on our faith, we cannot grow in the way God wants us to grow. Life stagnates and if it stagnates long enough, it stinks.

Mother’s Day Sincere Faith to Overcome Opposition sermon video audio notes

Timothy was a young pastor facing much opposition. He had critics, stomach problems, leadership problems, etc. Paul told Timothy that he could overcome those oppositions if he used the sincere faith given him, by his mother and grandmother. What is sincere faith? It’s a bold and real faith. Also, it’s an obvious unashamed faith. For example, it’s an “in your face” faith. Certainly, it’s a faith that doesn’t quit because of opposition.

Faith Instead of Fear video audio notes

Every day, we have the choice to believe God is in control, taking care of us and good things are ahead, or we can choose to live worried, expecting the worst, and wondering if we are going to make it. People say, ‘I’m afraid I’m going to lose my job.’ ‘I’m afraid my marriage won’t make it.’ ‘I’m afraid my child will get mixed up with the wrong crowd.’ They don’t realize they are choosing fear instead of faith.

Speaking Faith Filled Words video audio notes

We’ve talked about the power of our words, but let’s refresh. Much of faith has to do with words we speak. Our words have creative power. If you want to know who you will be 5 years from now simply listen to what you are saying about yourself now. You are creating with your words, your own future.

Faith Sermon Series Page videos audios notes

Faith Sermon Series Page videos audios notes

Faith Sermon Series Page videos audios notes

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