Get A Life sermon series video audio notes

Get A Life sermon series video audio notes. You didn’t ask to be born. You can’t get out of dying. What you do in between you do have some say over. Why not choose to live? Why not get a life? (Reggie McNeal, Get A Life, p. 1) This is a sermon series on getting a great life. Let’s talk about “Why am I here?; What is Really Important to me?; Am I Making Mile Markers?; What Am I Good at?; What Do I Need to Learn?

Get A Life sermon series video audio notes

Get A Life sermon series video audio notes

Get A Life sermon series video audio notes

Why Am I Here? – sermon video audio notes

You actually are not clueless about your life. Passion, talent, personality, and experience give you great insight into answering Why Am I Here? People become full of activity and full of stuff, but empty of satisfaction. Distractions are not necessarily bad things. They are just things stopping you in your pursuit to answer WHY AM I HERE?

What is Really Important to me? – sermon video audio notes

People who have an abundant life not only know what they want to do, they know why they want to do it. They have figured out what is really important – valuable – to them. You will never GET A LIFE until your core values support what you really want in life. Life’s simply pretend.

Am I Making Mile Markers? – sermon video audio notes

What do you do when you look out the window of life and keep seeing the same mile marker? How do you know if you are making progress through life? We need mile markers. When you go on a long trip across the country in your automobile, especially if you have never been where you want to go before, don’t you usually plot a course? You have a beginning point, waypoints, ending point, and you know approximately how long it will take you to get to your destination.

What Am I Good At? – sermon audio video notes

If you are going to discover what you are good at doing, you must be honest about your talents. I would love to be an NFL quarterback like Tom Brady. I would love to be able to call plays and throw a football fifty yards for touchdowns. But, you know what? It’s never going to happen. I could go to quarterback school and hang out with NFL quarterbacks, but still, it is not going to happen. I’d frustrate myself and others. Much of the frustration you experience and cause others to experience is because you are attempting to operate outside of your talents.

What Do I Need to Learn? – sermon video audio notes

In The Sixth Sense, Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) said, ‘I see dead people… walking around like regular people… they only see what they want to see… they don’t know they’re dead.’ That’s not only a movie. I see dead people all the time. Do you? Not ghosts, but Mark Twain said of someone, ‘He died at thirty; we buried him at sixty.’ The dead people I see are people who simply refuse to learn.

Time, What Do I Need to Learn? part 2 – sermon video audio notes

I must learn to manage time to have an abundant life. You have only so much time. How many have ever said something like, ‘The TIME just got away from me!’? Or, ‘I am wasting time!’ I squandered much of my time early in life. How about you? Could you have done better with your time?

Money, What Do I Need to Learn? part 3 – sermon video audio notes

Learn to manage money. How many of us would be honest enough to say that we have squandered – burned, wasted, and foolishly managed – thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars? I do not need to spend much time convincing you the waste of the money resource stops millions, probably billions, of people from getting a life.

Get A Life sermon series video audio notes

Interest Ally or Enemy 

Get A Life sermon series video audio notes

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