I Love My Church sermon series

I Love My Church sermon series videos audios notes. We enjoyed this series. It’s a unique look at “Church.” God loved the world and gave his son. Jesus loved the Church and gave himself for it. People love their church. This study caused us to rekindle our love.


by Delbert Young

I Love My Church

I Love My Church sermon series videos audios notes


Christ Also Loved the Church sermon video audio notes

What’s the first thing you could say when people ask you anything about our church? Answer: I LOVE MY CHURCH. Should we love our church? Well, Christ certainly does. Christ loved the church the way a man should love his wife. In fact, Jesus died – sacrificed himself – for the church.

Church Maintains Society sermon video audio notes

Romans chapter 1 gives us an amazing word picture of what happens to a person and people away from God. This happens to every person even those who once knew God. Church prevents what could happen. Pay attention. This could, one day, be you, your dearest loved one, your spouse, your child, your grandchild, or anyone for whom you care. This is extremely serious. Romans 1:21 says ‘Yes, THEY KNEW GOD, BUT…’

Show Me sermon video audio notes

I want to talk to you about something I’m very passionate about. I’m passionate about the church. People won’t come because of great music or great preaching. They won’t come to church because of the stuff. However, they will come because they encountered you who encountered Jesus and they see you and your life changed. They will come to church because of you.

Get Your Hopes Up sermon video audio notes

I remember being positive during a stormy experience. I was told, ‘Don’t get your hopes up.’ This was so wrong. Tough times are the times to get your hopes up. It’s when disturbing things are happening that we need to put our hope in God. If you are going to receive everything that god has for you, you need to get your hopes up and watch God work.

Extraordinary People sermon video audio notes

Average people have average problems. Ordinary people have ordinary problems. But, you agreed you are not average and not ordinary. You are a child of God. You are extraordinary. This means you and I will not have average and ordinary problems. We will have extraordinary problems. In reality, the more extraordinary your life is, the more extraordinary your problems.

Blessings for Generations sermon video audio notes

A reason I Love My Church and church universal is because it has the ability to bring blessings to GENERATIONS. I look at this church and the influence it’s already had on GENERATIONS is awesome. I look at Judy’s and my children and I say, “Wow.” This church played a major role in the people my children are today. Many of you parents say the same thing. Our church has helped produce some amazing young adults. That’s what a church is supposed to do.

No Excuses sermon video audio notes

A reason I Love My Church is it challenges my excuses for failure and pushes me to follow my dreams to succeed in all of life. The Lord doesn’t want to hear our excuses. Excuses only say something is bigger than, more powerful than, and more important than God.

I Love My Church sermon series

I love my church

I Love My Church sermon series

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