It’s Not Right sermon series sermon videos

It’s Not Right sermon series sermon videos audio notes. Sometimes life simply doesn’t seem right. There’s trouble and pain. It’s one thing after another. Bad times, well, It’s Not Right! Or, is it? The Bible says to give thanks in all circumstances and consider it pure joy when we enter “not right” times. How do we do this when It’s Not Right?

It’s Not Right

It's Not Right sermon series sermon videos audios notes

It’s Not Right sermon series sermon videos audio notes


Thanksgiving – Thank God For Everything – sermon video audio notes

The single greatest act of worship any person can give is thanksgiving. By all means, it’s not coming to church, as great an act of worship as coming to church is. Equally important, it’s not hearing or preaching a great sermon. Of course, it’s not giving our tithes, offerings, and alms as worshipful as those are. The reason is Thanksgiving recognizes God as the giver of everything.

Turn Troubles into Blessings – sermon video audio notes

There are so many troubles in life. What’s right about any trouble? We all go through troubles in life. In fact, we are assured we will have many troubles. Are Christians immune to troubles? No, but how we are to handle troubles is different. If handled correctly, troubles turn into blessings.

Only Secure If You Endure – sermon video audio notes

We’re only secure if we endure. It’s not praying a prayer, or doing some religious things, you’re saved, and God is stuck with you. It’s not once saved always saved unless you stand firm and endure to the end – until you die. God will keep a true believer and a true believer is he who stands firm to the end or he that shall endure unto the end.

Job Began Well – sermon video audio notes

Job began well. The Bible tells us about a man named Job. If ever there was a man who seemed to have the right to say, “It’s Not Right!” it was Job. Let’s take a few weeks and look at Job’s situation. What we will see is JOB BEGAN WELL trusting God, but after a while, Job began to question God. Today, let’s look at how JOB BEGAN WELL.

Show Me Where I Have Been Wrong – sermon video audio notes

Job said show me where I have been wrong. Why do some suffer in an extraordinary way when they have not sinned in an extraordinary way? Why do some prosper in an extraordinary way when they have sinned in an extraordinary way. Job’s friend said Job had sinned and this was why he was suffering. Job said he had not denied the word of God (6:10). He said if you know so much then ‘…show me where I’ve done wrong.’

Job: For God Does Speak, Now One Way, Now Another – sermon video audio notes

Elihu said God does speak. He is always speaking to us one way or another. We simply don’t perceive it. It may be in a dream, a vision, or on a bed of pain, but God is always speaking. God is not punishing us. He’s attempting to preserve our soul from the pit of hell and destruction.

Job – Out Of The Storm – sermon video audio notes

God is in our storm. It’s in our storm after storm throughout life God speaks the clearest to us. This is the highest level we come to in understanding It’s Not Right! times. Obviously, it’s not comprehending God isn’t punishing us. Also, it’s not comprehending God loves us and is rooting something out of us so we can avoid hell. As a matter of fact, it’s so God can speak and become real to us. He’s not theology, doctrine, or a religion. He’s real! He wants us to see him.

It’s Not Right sermon series sermon videos audio notes

It's Not Right

It’s Not Right sermon series sermon videos audio notes

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It’s Not Right sermon series sermon videos audio notes