The Gospel of Luke Chapter 16

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 16 audio video notes. We got to minister four messages from this chapter. These are titled: Shrewd Manager, Two Masters, Marriage Divorce Remarriage and Adultery, and Rich Man and Lazarus, Appearances Are Deceiving.

Of course, the message I most remember is “Marriage Divorce Remarriage and Adultery.” I don’t remember the message because I think it was a good message. The reason I remember it is because of how difficult it was for me to preach/teach it. I knew it would hurt some of my closest and best friends who had laid down their lives for me and our church. The message has as of today over 6,400 YouTube views. You should read the comments! They range from “Great message,” to “Heresy!” The message continues to hurt people, but there’s simply no sweet way to say it. I suppose the “Great message” comments come from us who never suffered divorce. The “Heresy!” comments come from those who have. 


by Delbert Young

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 16 audio video notes

Luke Chapter 16

Shrewd Manager – video audio notes Luke 16:1-9

Shrewd? Did Jesus mean the dishonest guy who ripped off his employer was sharp? Not exactly. This is one of the most complex and confusing parables Jesus ever told. Many skip over this and go to the next section. Why would Jesus commend a hustling dishonest shrewd manager embezzling from his master? Jesus wants us to learn something from a crafty crook. He’s the shrewd manager.

Two Masters – video audio notes Luke 16:10-18

Are we trustworthy, or are we dishonest? How we manage the resources – worldly wealth – we have determines the answer. Who’s your master? Is it the Lord God, or is it Mammonas? If crunch time and Mammonas has you in conflict with what you should do, what’s your reflex reaction? Do you sneer? How does your heart react?

Marriage Divorce Remarriage and Adultery – video audio notes Luke 16:18

Jesus said many shocking statements. The reason we continue to listen to him is we’ve learned within his shocking statements there are shocking truths with the ability to shock our hearts and restore our lives. They radically change our lives, our families, and our society. This is one of those statements and the most controversial message I preached. Read some of the comments on YouTube. They range from “Great message,” to “Heresy!” I thought I simply let Jesus do the talk from the Scriptures. You decide.

Rich Man and Lazarus, Appearances Are Deceiving – video audio notes Luke 16:19-31

Obviously, the rich man was blessed by God and would certainly be in heaven, or so it appeared and people assumed. Lazarus, a beggar, must be cursed by God and would be in hell. I mean, people like Lazarus don’t go to heaven, do they? A point Jesus is obviously painting is appearances are deceiving.

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 16 audio video notes

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 16 audio video notes

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 16 audio video notes

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