The Gospel of Luke Chapter 19

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 19 audio video notes. This chapter gave us four wonderful messages. The titles are Zacchaeus When Jesus Reached the Spot, King Servants and Subjects, Stones Cry Out, and Jesus Assaults the Temple. It’s always been interesting to me how the first thing Jesus did after riding into Jerusalem on the donkey was to enter the temple and assault those using the Father’s house of prayer and God’s people for their personal gain. The Lord really doesn’t like it.


by Delbert Young

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 19 audio video notes

Luke Chapter 19

Zacchaeus, When Jesus Reached the Spot – video audio notes Luke 19:1-10

Jesus came down Main Street. The way I see it is the disciples are around him to keep people from rushing Jesus. Zacchaeus could see him coming. He had a bird’s-eye view. As Jesus reached the sycamore fig tree, the spot of embarrassment where it didn’t matter what people said or thought, Jesus stopped and looked up. Of course, everyone else looked up too. Imagine it! How awkward! Everyone is looking at you up a tree.

King Servants and Subjects video audio notes Luke 19:11-27

The man of noble birth was made king and returned. He called the servants forward to see what they had gained with what they’d been given. How did they do with the privileges, opportunities, and responsibilities of life? We’re only told about three of the ten: the good servant; the second or middle servant; and the wicked servant showing there are different levels in eternity.

Stones Cry Out – video audio notes Luke 19:28-44

Until this point, Jesus squelched every outburst by people labeling him the Messiah. He’d heal someone and say don’t tell anyone. Large crowds would want to make him king and Jesus would withdraw and hide (Joh 6:15). It will be different today. He will not only allow but encourage them to hail him as king. Why? Here is why. Had they proclaimed him as king earlier the Jews would have prematurely executed him. Now it was time. If they wouldn’t stones cry out.

Jesus Assaults the Temple – video audio notes Luke 19:45-20:8

If Jesus were to live in our time would he attack the Capital? Would he attack the Capital or the White House? Or would he attack the church? Is Washington the problem? As long as things were wrong in their temple, things would be wrong. As long as things are wrong in the church and it’s not doing its job, things will be wrong. Would Jesus run out congressmen and the president with a whip, or would he run out  us preachers?

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 19 audio video notes

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 19 audio video notes

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 19 audio video notes

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