The Gospel of Luke Chapter 22

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 22 audio video notes. Six messages which are Then Satan Entered Judas Called Iscariot, This Passover!, As It Has Been Decreed, Siftings of Satan Simon Simon, Gethsemane We All Have One, Rooster Crowed, and Fear Trials Bullies. “This Passover!” may have given me the most insight. It was this Passover that changed the covenant. No longer would the Passover mean anything. It was the last Passover.


by Delbert Young

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 22 audio video notes

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 22 audio video notes

Then Satan Entered Judas Called Iscariot – video audio notes Luke 21:37 – 22:1-13

The target date for arresting and crucifying Jesus was Passover and now the religious system had Judas to make it happen. ‘Then Satan entered Judas, called Iscariot.’ How ominous this sounds, but why did Satan enter Judas ‘then’? Do you think Judas knew Satan entered him? Do people know when Satan is active in their lives? I wonder do I? Do you? Could this happen to you?

This Passover! video audio notes Luke 22:14-20

The Jewish people had celebrated around 1,500 years of Passovers sacrificing millions/billions of lambs while awaiting the one true Lamb of God. Jesus had the Passover meal every year of his life, but this Passover was with a double desire. Twice Jesus used the word desire – craving, longing, to lust after. Jesus deeply wanted and anticipated this Passover. Why? This Passover would be the last official Passover. This Passover would fulfill Passover.

As It Has Been Decreed – video audio notes Luke 22:21-30

Jesus did go as decreed, but his going was not because of Judas’ betrayal, or Annas, or Caiaphas, the Jews, Pilate, Herod, or the Roman death squad. Peter, preaching on the Day of Pentecost only weeks after the crucifixion said, Acts 2:23 This man was handed over to you by God’s set purpose and foreknowledge; and you, with the help of wicked men, put him to death by nailing him to the cross. Jesus’ death was decreed by Father God.

Siftings of Satan, Simon, Simon – video audio notes(Luke 22:31-38

Must Satan ask before he can sift? Yes, and he’s limited to what he can sift. In Simon Peter’s situation, the siftings of Satan were limited to sifting Simon’s faith. Satan’s on a leash and allowed only to touch in specific areas. The devil is God’s devil. Satan is God’s Satan. God created him (Gen 3:1), named him (Rev 12:9), and set Satan’s operating and sifting parameters.

Gethsemane We All Have One – video audio notes Luke 22:39-48

When you think of Gethsemane what comes to mind? Perhaps, the place Jesus prayed, sleeping disciples, temptation, and stress with sweat like great drops of blood. But, do you ever associate it with the Judas kiss? You have a Gethsemane. We all do. It’s your private and secure place in the natural and in the spiritual. It’s your secret and safe place, and it’s a place for rest. Of course, it’s the place where you pray, and it’s the place where you allow only your closest friends. It’s where you hide and escape from the world. It’s Gethsemane. But, Gethsemane can also be a place of tremendous temptation and stress. It can be the place of arrest and the place of the kiss of betrayal. It’s Gethsemane.

Rooster Crowed – video audio notes Luke 22:49-32

In their culture chickens were everywhere. It was close to sunup – daylight, wake-up time! Has the rooster crowed in your heart and said, “Wake up!” It’s crowed to me. Has the Lord ever looked straight into your eyes/soul and crowed? It was a defining moment for Peter and should be for us all. There’s no place else in scripture where Peter broke and wept bitterly. It broke his heart. It changed his life. Mess-ups should change our lives.

Fear Trials Bullies – video audio notes Luke 22:63-22-71

What trials, bullies, and fears, bully us? It’s amazing how much life we allow fear to rob from us. You will always be faced with the bully called fear, but you can control it and keep going forward. What fear has arrested you, bound you, slapped you, mocked you, demanded from you, insulted you, and maybe stopped, or attempted to stop you from acquiring all life and God has for you?

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 22 audio video notes

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 22 audio video notes

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 22 audio video notes

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