Judas Iscariot pt.1 Luke 6:12-16 audio video notes

Judas Iscariot pt.1 Luke 6:12-16 audio video notes. He has a special place in hell. How many have ever been betrayed by someone you trusted and loved? How many have ever betrayed someone you trusted and loved? I’ve been on both ends. I’ve been Judas. I suspect you have too. A person can be called by Jesus to the greatest calling a person could have, hear the message of salvation and the kingdom of God from the lips of Jesus himself, be around the most spiritual of people, see miracles, observe demons exercised from people, think they are saved and secure, yet be filled with Satan and go to their own special place in hell.


by Delbert Young

Judas Iscariot the Apostle with a Special Place in Hell pt.1 (Luke 6:12-16)







Judas Iscariot pt.1 Luke 6:12-16 audio video notes

Scriptures: Luke 6:12-16, Luke 22:3, Acts 1:25, John 6:70, Matthew 26:24, Psalm 55:12-14, Psalms 41:9, John 13:18-19, John 17:12, Matthew 26:14

Luke 6:12-16 One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God. When morning came, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them, whom he also designated apostles: Simon (whom he named Peter), his brother Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James son of Alphaeus, Simon who was called the Zealot, Judas son of James, and JUDAS ISCARIOT, WHO BECAME A TRAITOR.

Let’s get serious off the top with our study. How many have ever been betrayed by someone you trusted and loved? How many have ever betrayed someone you trusted and loved? I’ve been on both ends. I’ve been Judas. I suspect you have too.

I planned to do only one lesson on Judas Iscariot, and I thought this would be the last lesson on the apostles and we would move on in Luke, but that’s not happening. Here’s why. A person can be called by Jesus to the greatest calling a person could have, hear the message of salvation and the kingdom of God from the lips of Jesus himself, be around the most spiritual of people, see miracles, observe demons exercised from people, think they are saved and secure, yet be filled with Satan and go to their own special place in hell. Today, some here think we are saved and think we are fine when in fact, without repentance, we have a special place in hell. Could that be you? Have you kissed Jesus with a kiss of love or betrayal?

Can it be that a person is chosen to the highest of all callings, yet that same person ends in a special place in hell?

It’s fascinating how the infamous character, Judas Iscariot, could be so closely associated with Jesus for two-plus years, seeing all Jesus did, hearing all he said, yet betrayed Jesus. Comprehending such an evil heart is almost beyond grasping. Many of us have betrayed people we truly loved. Many of us have been betrayed by people we know once truly loved us. What happened? Which kiss was it?

There are all sorts of apocryphal writings about Judas Iscariot attempting to make him even worse than he was, the truth is enough. Judas Iscariot was a man of ultimate evil. Were we to run through history listing evil people, we have a healthy list: Nero; Adolf Hitler; Joseph Stalin; Idi Amin; Saddam Hussein; Osama bin Laden; etc. We could add serial killers, child molesters, and rapists. If we could condense to the vile of the vile, the worst of the worst, at the top of the list would sit Judas Iscariot.

It is documented Adolf Hitler studied demonology and came to a place where he no longer spoke in his own voice. He spoke with the voice of demons. Certainly, it could be said of all the evil previously listed (and those not listed), they gave their souls over to Satan. I can understand how those far from God could be possessed by Satan. What’s inexplicable to me is how someone who ate with, talked with, walked with, observed, heard, and was under the immediate direct influence of the very Christ himself could be so wretchedly evil.

It was not until that very night of betrayal we read,

Luke 22:3 Then SATAN ENTERED JUDAS, called Iscariot, one of the Twelve.

John 13:27 As soon as Judas took the bread, SATAN ENTERED INTO HIM. “What you are about to do, do quickly,” Jesus told him

When you or I betrayed a trusted friend, were we demonically influenced? Yes, perhaps even filled with Satan.

In every list given to us of the apostles, Judas is listed last and with his name is always the betrayer. The “betrayer” is purposed so no one would ever forget, miss it, or confuse him with anyone else. The issue making Judas so very dark is his betrayal of the brightest light ever given to man, Jesus Christ the Son of God. Judas’ name has become the byword for betrayal. Have you ever betrayed God? Most have. Why? Greed? Many do it for money as Judas did, but it’s always for something we want. So, we sell out Jesus for greed. What to you is more important, more valuable, more desired than Jesus?

Interestingly, of all the verses in scripture referencing the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, they always show Judas as willful concerning what he did. What I mean is scriptures never show Judas as a victim of his destiny. Judas chose his path. He was not somehow controlled by God to betray Jesus. The apostles said when replacing Judas,

Acts 1:25 …may take part of this ministry and apostleship, from which Judas BY TRANSGRESSION FELL, that he might GO TO HIS OWN PLACE.

Judas fell. He wasn’t “pushed” or controlled. He chose his transgression. There is a special place in hell for Judas Iscariot. (place – topos {top’-os} portion or space marked off) Judas today occupies his own place. It’s frightening to sell out Jesus. Hell has places. Does it have a place marked off for you?

Though today no one names their child Judas, in that day it was a good name to have. Prior to the name of Judas Iscariot in the list of apostles was the name of Judas son of James. Judas was a common name. Judas is Ioudas {ee-oo-das’} and the word is from the Hebrew Judah meaning “he shall be praised.” When Judas was born his parents wanted him to praise God. Certainly, his life began with hope, from his parents, that Judas would be a praise to God. Iskariotes {is-kar-ee-o’-tace} meaning “man of Kerioth or of the assassins.”Iscariot was not his father’s name as in Simon Barjona – Son of Jonas – for Simon Peter (Mat 16:17).

Judas’ father’s name was Simon (Joh 6:71). Judas was from Kerioth about twenty miles south of Jerusalem. All the other apostles were from the Galilee area. Only Judas was not. He was an outsider to begin with. When they list his name, they make certain we realize he was from Kerioth and they didn’t know Judas as well as they knew each other.

So, how did Judas become a part of the Twelve?

Why did Jesus make this man an apostle? Jesus knew what was in the heart of man, so Jesus wasn’t blindsided by Judas. There was a divine purpose to fulfill. Jesus knew what kind of person Judas was. Judas knew what kind of person he was, but I don’t think Judas knew his purpose. All the disciples had a carnal idea of what the Messiah would be. Judas was no different. The Messiah, to them, would create a welfare state with free food, divine healing, and military victory over Rome. This is why they constantly argued about who was the greatest and why James and John wanted to sit on the right and left of Jesus in power and prestige.

Judas was attracted to and admired the man Jesus. He would have followed Jesus around for a time prior to the apostle’s selection making himself known. Judas saw the miracles, heard the words of Jesus, saw the crowds come, and saw the offerings. As I’ve mentioned before, there had to be sufficient offerings for Jesus to be capable of sustaining twelve men and their dependents for two years. Judas decided to hitch his wagon to this star. Judas heard about the person named Jesus and showed up from Kerioth of his own volition.

Because of what we now know about Judas, we can be certain Judas believed Jesus would bring Judas money.

Judas, like the other eleven, left whatever life he previously had to follow Jesus but not for the same reasons as the others. Judas would cash in on this deal. Imagine his shock when Jesus chose him! Judas was not from where the other 11 were. He was different, but Jesus chose Judas. He’s rubbing his hands together, “Ummmm, I’m in!” Not only was he in, but Jesus would make him the treasurer. How lucky was Judas! Or, how lucky did Judas think he was – damned for his special place in hell. Judas chose Jesus for Judas’ self-greed. Jesus chose Judas for God’s purposes.

While greed was working in the wicked heart of Judas, Jesus chose him. In a marvelous way God weaves together human volition and divine purpose, God unfolded his plan. Judas was going to ride Jesus into the kingdom. However, what Judas didn’t know is God would take all Judas’ wretchedness and evil and fit it all perfectly into God’s eternal plan. So Jesus chose Judas to fulfill the scriptures.

Jesus knew the entire time about Judas. Early in Christ’s ministry, we read,

John 6:70 Then Jesus replied, “HAVE I NOT CHOSEN YOU, the Twelve? Yet one of you IS A DEVIL!”

Don’t miss that. Judas was always a devil. Jesus purposefully chose a devil and the devil was Judas. Judas probably didn’t even realize that about himself. People with demons are deceived and don’t realize they have demons.

Matthew 26:24 The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! IT WOULD BE BETTER FOR HIM IF HE HAD NOT BEEN BORN.”

Why would it be better for Judas to have never been born? Once Judas was born, he could never die. So he will eternally suffer torment in his special place in hell in the torment of torments. God used Judas in his plan, but because God used Judas did not mean God put betrayal into Judas. Neither does it mean Judas did not go to hell. It would have been better had Judas never been born. Judas is responsible for his own sins and was judged and damned for them.

Psalm 55:12-14 If an enemy were insulting me, I could endure it; if a foe were raising himself against me, I could hide from him. But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend, with whom I once enjoyed sweet fellowship as we walked with the throng at the house of God.

There is no betrayal more devastating than the betrayal of a companion, or a close friend. Have you ever been betrayed by your closest of friends? A more pertinent question is have you ever betrayed your closest friend?

Psalms 41:9 Even my close friend, whom I trusted, he who shared my bread, has lifted up his heel against me.

Jesus referenced prophecies quoted and explained.

John 13:18-19 “I am not referring to all of you; I know those I have chosen. But this is to fulfill the scripture: ‘He who shares my bread has lifted up his heel against me.’ “I am telling you now before it happens, SO THAT WHEN IT DOES HAPPEN YOU WILL BELIEVE THAT I AM HE.

Jesus wanted his apostles to know and wants us to know, that his betrayal was not his plan gone awry. Instead, the betrayal was proof Jesus was and is exactly who he said he was. Amazingly, even by the greatest betrayal of all time, the betrayal of betrayals, the evil of all evil, Satan’s best shot, the purposes of God were and are fulfilled.

Jesus talked to his disciples and then prayed to Father,

(KJV) John 17:12 While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept, and none of them is LOST, but THE SON OF PERDITION; that the scripture might be fulfilled.

John 17:12 While I was with them, I protected them and kept them safe by that name you gave me. None has been LOST except THE ONE DOOMED TO DESTRUCTION so that Scripture would be fulfilled.

Judas Iscariot is doomed and damned to the destruction of hell. Perdition is apoleia {ap-o’-li-a} meaning a destroying, utter destruction, a perishing, ruin. Jesus said Judas was the son of perdition. Obviously, Judas Iscariot is forever damned.

Imagine how the other eleven apostles felt about Judas. Judas not only betrayed Jesus. He deceived them all. Even when Jesus said one of you will betray me, no one suspected Judas. No one suspected Judas was embezzling from their treasury. Judas was the son of perdition. Obviously, Judas was the deceiver of deception. The entire time the other eleven were transforming to righteousness, Judas was transforming to Satan. The sun (Son) melts the wax but hardens the clay. For the disciples, the things of heaven were becoming more and more clear. For Judas hell was becoming more and more clear. The disciples were softening. Judas hardened.

Perhaps this is a word to the wise. If being around Jesus is hardening you, get away. Perhaps, at least, you will lessen the depth of judgment to hell you could bring upon yourself. Don’t become like Judas Iscariot.

All through those years, Jesus never exposed Judas Iscariot.

Jesus extended love and affection to him. Jesus always reached out with affection even to the end. So think about this: There stood, or sat, Judas as Jesus taught about greed and money. “You can’t serve God and mammon,” Jesus said. To whom should that speak first? When I talk about money, greed, and giving, some of you think I’m talking about and to you. I am, but (maybe) I don’t know I am. My teaching might bother you when I say it, but imagine how it would feel to you if Jesus himself said it. That’s what Jesus does. He always allows you to make your own destiny – meaning blessings from God or judgment.

Judas heard all the parables and all the teachings. He continued to follow (go to church) but never did anything about his heart. He was following Jesus, and he heard the message over and over. Judas Iscariot was in the “amen” corner, but Judas was the biggest hypocrite of hypocrites. His heart had hardened to the place where because Judas was an apostle, the judgment Jesus spoke didn’t pertain to him. He was above the teaching of Jesus. Isn’t that where we come? We go to church every week. We give our tithes, and we serve. I preach. I’m the pastor.

None of that excludes us from the fact Jesus’ word is true and NEVER FAILS. Jesus preached and preached to Judas. He extended love at the last supper. He included Judas in his twelve closest friends. But, Judas’ heart got harder and harder. It’s so interesting how the word of God can make some people receive and change, but cause others to harden harder and harder.

Here’s the word of truth to us all.

When you continuously hear the word of God, but you reject the truth, you are on a Judas path. So if you don’t melt, you will harden. Obviously, Judas wasn’t interested in how the word would change people for their own good. Obviously, he was only interested in how the word of God would help him prosper. Are you focused on the word, or are you focused on the world? What will the word do for you, or how can you change in accordance to the word?

What each of us needs to see is Jesus continuously reached out to Judas. Also, Jesus included Judas. He preached to Judas. Interestingly he did everything but point out Judas. However, Judas refused to change. Today, this very day, Judas is in his special place in hell. How about you and me today? Jesus is reaching and reaching. Are you changing melting, or hardening?

Matthew 26:14 THEN ONE OF THE TWELVE, CALLED JUDAS ISCARIOT, went unto the chief priests, And said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you? And they covenanted with him for THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER.

Judas’ dark deed was deliberately planned and premeditated. He planned for weeks. Judas sold out for thirty pieces of silver. What is your thirty pieces of silver? What causes you to sell out?

Judas Iscariot pt.1 Luke 6:12-16 audio video notes

Judas Iscariot pt.1 Luke 6:12-16 audio video notes

Judas Iscariot pt.1 Luke 6:12-16 audio video notes

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