New Testament Church Audio Series

The New Testament Church Audio Series. How is it supposed to look? Exactly what is it supposed to do? Jesus said He would build it. He said hell couldn’t stand against it. What does that mean? Is it eternal, or is there something coming after the church? In this study we look at all these things and many more.

The New Testament Church Audio Series

Root Out Pull Down Destroy Overthrow

What is the nearest and dearest thing to the heart of the Lord? What concerns the Lord more than anything else on planet earth? And, what does Jesus Christ Lord want from planet earth? The answer to all these question is the New Testament Church, His bride.

I Will Build My Church

Jesus takes the the construction of His church personal. It’s His will. He’s the master builder. And, He supplies and purchased all the necessary elements. It takes time to build. Jesus has a plan. We also need to see the context of Jesus when He said this?

Ages Dispensations and Covenants

God deals with a person in years. He deals with families in generations. He deals with nations in centuries. However, from the foundation of the world the church was in the mind of God and hidden from the ages and generations.

The Church Of The Supernatural

The church was birthed from the supernatural and is expected to continue in the supernatural. And, is a new race of people never existing before. It’s clear in the Scriptures the church must come to the fulness of Christ before Jesus comes for her.

New Testament Church

The Body Of Christ

Are we the body of Christ and members in particular or are we the body of Jesus? Remove the supernatural from the Book of Acts and nothing is left but a few meetings. However, most churches are only having a few meetings.

Deterioration – Fall Of Jerusalem

The church in the Book of Acts actually did more than Jesus during His ministry. They went into all the world. Jesus remained in the Galilea, Judah, and Samaria areas. The church has deteriorated in her power and anointing. Concerning Jerusalem, I showed the great tribulation Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 has already happened.

Into The Dark Ages – Great Apostasy

The church was persecuted and persecution always purifies. Therefore, there were no hypocrites and only sincere believers. After the 1st century church only one apostle remained according to history. The church deteriorated.

A Falling Away First

The Lord is not waiting for a great tribulation, the fall of Jerusalem, or any “falling away” to come again. He’s waiting for the church to mature and become His Bride.

New Testament Church

Church Must Come Into Perfection

The church is to come into “perfection,” but what do the Scriptures mean when it says perfection? God always raises a man, gives the man a message, and this produces a movement.

People Man Message Movement

The Lord has a progression throughout Scriptures and history to bring a movement. He first prepares a people. Next He gives a man a message to preach to the people. This produces a movement of God.

Doctrines Of Christ

The writer of Hebrews said, “let us go on unto perfection” or maturity. Then he gave six specific doctrines the church should have before she could go on into perfection/maturity. We take a look at these six doctrines and see in history how the Lord has brought His church to where She is now.

New Testament Church Audio Series

The New Testament Church

New Testament Church Audio Series

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New Testament Church Audio Series