The Word For Church

The Word For Church Study. In the Scriptures the Greek word translated “church” is “ekklesia” and is found around one-hundred and eighteen times. In order to see what a New Testament church is and does we must search the Scriptures and study God’s Word.

The Word For Church Study


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The Word For Church Message Descriptions

Church Part 1.

The Greek word translated “church” is found over a hundred times and means a coming out of something to meet. It’s the church who has the keys to the kingdom. It’s the church who is to reveal the manifold wisdom of God.

Church Part 2.

Disciples asked Jesus who was the greatest in the kingdom. Answer: “Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.” Church people should be humble. One of the most difficult things in life to do is to humble ourselves. A child doesn’t have rights. A child doesn’t take vengeance.

Church Part 3.

The Greek word translated “number” in Acts 2:47 is ekklesia. It’s the word usually translated “church.” The Lord added daily to this church. It’s the day the Holy Spirit came to dwell with people. The purpose is so people can be filled with God. The Holy Spirit filled. They heard something. Three-thousand were baptized. They devoted themselves continually. The Lord added daily those being saved.

Church Part 4.

This chapter is in 4 parts: Pentecost, Peter’s preaching, 3,000 souls added, and people devoting and continuing in 7 aspects. Every church has a revelation of Jesus Christ (Rev 2-3). No two churches have the identical revelation of Jesus Christ.

Church Part 5.

The Holy Spirit does His work. Preaching does its work. Then the people do their work. People must repent. They must be water baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. And, people must fellowship. There are more people do, but these three are discussed in this message.

Church Part 6.

A church the Lord adds to daily must experience a Pentecost. We provide a place where people can experience the Holy Spirit. It a place of meeting.

The Word For Church Study

The Word For Church Study

The Word For Church

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