Tough Questions sermon series

Tough Questions sermon series videos audios notes. There are tough questions people have about life. Apostle Peter said, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have, but do this with gentleness and respect.” Does God exist? What about hell? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why become a Christian? Let’s see what God has to say about these questions.

Tough Questions

By Delbert Young

Tough Questions sermon series videos audios notes

Tough Questions sermon series videos audios notes

Does God Exist? sermon video audio notes

Today I want to talk about Does God Exist? Have you ever pondered this? Not out loud, right? How would you answer someone who asked you How do you know God exists? Polls show the vast majority of people believe God exists, but because others vote ‘yes,’ should I? Does God Exist?

Hell – What About Hell? sermon video audio notes

What About Hell? How can it be  God is said to be a God who loves people yet sentences people to an eternal torture chamber in hell? Why is it if I do not do things his way, but live a good moral life, I get the identical sentence to hell a serial murderer receives? Is this not cosmic overkill?

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? sermon video audio notes

If we are honest, when bad things happen to good people, be it personal situations or natural disasters, we can nearly always trace a path back to the originating cause and see it is never God’s fault. I said nearly always. For the sake of our study, let’s say 90% to 95% of bad things that happen to good people have answers. What about the other 5% to 10%?

Tough Questions

Christian – Why be a Christian? sermon video audio

`Let’s begin by asking why are you a Christian, if you are? Why be a Christian? The first thing we need to do when answering someone’s question about ‘Why Be A Christian?’ is to know why we are one. In my case, I was sick of my life. I didn’t like me. I know now that it was conviction. Something began drawing me. My heart was filled with many questions that only the Bible could answer. I know now it was Father God drawing me.

Tough Questions sermon series videos audios Tough Questions sermon series videos audios notes

Tough Questions sermon series videos audios

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