Wicked Women of the Bible Series video audio notes

Wicked Women of the Bible Series video audio notes. Wickedness began somewhere. Guess where and with which gender. I received flack about this series. I was called a chauvinist and several other enlightening adjectives. Interestingly, the negative comments were all by men. I’m not any of those things, but for anyone to think women cannot be as wicked as men then someone is delusional. The Bible is full of wicked women. I’ve only pointed out six in our series. These women will not cause you any problems, but if women you know relate to these women, they could.

Wicked Women of the Bible


by Delbert Young

Wicked Woman Eve

Wicked woman Eve – Wickedness began somewhere. Guess where and with which gender? Yes. Wickedness originated with a woman. In fact, at the time she introduced wickedness in Genesis 3:6 she was simply called woman!

Wicked Woman Lot’s Wife

Wicked Woman Lot’s wife – Sadly, her story and legacy doesn’t end with a block of salt. The overwhelming wickedness concerning Lot’s wife was her silence. Her silence was deafening. The scriptures do not give us one word she spoke, yet her wickedness is in her silence.

Wicked Woman Potiphar’s Wife

Wicked woman Potiphar’s Wife – The Bible doesn’t give her a name. She’s simply known as Potiphar’s Wife. She has one big scene in the Bible. After it, we don’t hear from her again. Her opening line in her one big scene is profound and tells us much about Potiphar’s Wife.

Wicked Woman Delilah part 1

Wicked Woman Delilah – What will Delilah do to you? Delilah will lure your trust and love. She will use you for her personal greed. Delilah will get your head in her lap relaxed, put you to sleep, emasculate your supernatural strength, and gouge out your eyes removing the vision you have for your life.

Wicked Woman Delilah part 2

Delilah, in the natural was a woman, but I’ve met male gender ‘Delilahs.’ In fact, in all the wicked women we’ve discussed, I’ve met their ‘girly men’ counterparts. Delilah’s ‘girly man’ is a greedy man only interested in their own self and willing to use anyone’s trust and love and godliness for their own profit.

Wicked Woman Jezebel

Wicked woman Jezebel – There is serious judgment for being a, or tolerating a Jezebel. Though she is an ancient name, she is an ever-present entity who can bring damage and death to those who tolerate her.

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