Be Rich Sermon Series Page video audio notes


Be Rich Sermon Series Page video audio notes. A sermon series about how we chase the proverbial carrot attempting to have wealth thinking wealth is success. Is it? Let’s talk about how to BE RICH, not how to be wealthy. You are already wealthy. Do you love money? Are you an intentional giver, or an intentional taker? Let’s take a look and see.

Be Rich Sermon Series Page video audio notes

by Delbert Young

be rich

Be Rich Sermon Series Page video audio notes

I Am Rich sermon notes audio

I Am Rich sermon video

Deceitfulness of Riches sermon notes audio

Deceitfulness of Riches sermon video

Give Intentionally sermon notes audio

Give Intentionally sermon video

I Am Rich – The scriptures do not teach us so much about how to GET rich. Actually, getting rich is sort of a given for the Christ Follower who walks in the ways of God. The Bible does teach much about How to BE RICH in a way that honors and pleases God. Our series is not How To GET Rich. The series is about HOW TO BE RICH. I am rich.

Deceitfulness of Riches – Jesus spoke of people who actually received the word of God like you and me. They knew the word, but the deceitfulness of riches literally choked the spiritual life out of them. Their lives became worthless, unproductive. Riches promise things they cannot deliver. Riches promise happiness. Riches promise security. Riches promise satisfaction. Riches promise peace and joy, but riches cannot give those things. Only God can give those things. There’s a deceitfulness of riches

Give Intentionally – We are INTENTIONAL consumers. We plan how to “intentionally” consume. We scheme for ways to get what we want. If we want something badly enough we begin thinking and scheming. If I cut back on this and this and don’t eat for a month, I can get it. But have you ever heard someone say, If I don’t go out to lunch every day and if I don’t buy that LCD HD TV and if I don’t get those new clothes, I will be able to give intentionally? How rare would that be?

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