Destruction and Rejection of a Home sermon video

Destruction and Rejection of a Home sermon video. Why does a home fail? Have you ever pondered this thought? I am certain we could come up with many answers, but in a moment I plan to show us the one true answer. Why does it seem that praying and begging God will not save a marriage or its children? Doesn’t God care? Does God hate Me? Why does the Lord not want people to be leaders in church if their homes are in chaos? Why is it that two people can be truly in love and yet their marriage fail? Why does counseling, even Christian counseling, not save a home? What can I do to make certain my home is built to last?


by Delbert Young

Destruction and Rejection of a Home sermon video
or Does God hate me?

Sermon notes


Destruction and Rejection of a Home sermon video or “Does God hate me?”

Scriptures: Hosea 4:6, 1 Corinthians 14:38, Proverbs 24:3-4, Matthew 7:24-27

Some things I want to work in:

“Can’t unscramble eggs.”

“Must make peace with some things.”

When we come for counseling, we are saying I don’t know what to do.

I remember the day. It was June the 26th 1967. At the church altar in Midway Methodist Church, I stood with my beautiful bride. She was seventeen and I was nineteen. After repeating all the vows, we each said, “I do.” The preacher presented to the people Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Young. Away we went into a life of living happily ever after. Sure we did. A year later we had a baby. There was not enough money to pay our bills. We fussed a lot. We were beginning not to like each other and it was downhill from there for many years to come.

“The current U.S. divorce rate is 0.41% per capita per year, as reported on 9/6/00 by the National Center for Health Statistics for the 12-month period ending in Oct. 1999.”

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