Carnal Mind Are We Neutralized. Our thinking causes a counterbalance of the extraordinary. The enemy to being exceptional is ordinary. It’s an attempt to neutralize. The enemy is the carnal mind. The carnal mind will neutralize us making us no longer extraordinary.

Carnal Mind Are We Neutralized

by Delbert Young


Carnal Mind Are We Neutralized

Scriptures: Romans 8:6, Romans 8:7

From a related sermon “Neutralized” in the Daniel series:

Daniel is facing trouble. How will he come out? We are going to be talking about Daniel the next several weeks, but first I want to say a few things. We are king’s kids and people of destiny, and we are exceptional. Therefore, you are doing some exceptional things. The Lord has a plan for your end (Jer). So, what I feel to tell you is the enemy has a plan to make you ordinary. However, when I say the enemy, I am not only speaking about a devil. Actually, the devil can do little if anything.

Nonetheless, I do not think the devil can stop us. I think the only ones who can stop us are us. Therefore, our carnal minds are our largest enemies. There is an enmity (Rom 8) between my carnal mind and the spirit. My carnal mind says be ordinary so I can be exceptional. The enemy of exceptional is ordinary. So, all I need to do to fail to be exceptional is be ordinary. Ordinary people and churches lead ordinary lives, do ordinary things, and die ordinary deaths – uneventful and unchanged. Ordinary people are boring and they weary those with whom they have to do because the Lord is not interested in ordinary.


Carnal Mind Are We Neutralized

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