What Does Praying In The Spirit Mean? notes

What Does Praying In The Spirit Mean? notes. Isn’t all prayer praying in the Spirit. No. If all prayers were then why would the apostle Paul instruct us to specifically pray in the Spirit when in spiritual warfare. Why would Jude tell us to pray in the Spirit to build ourselves up in our most …

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Is Repetition Prayer Bad? notes

Is Repetition Prayer Bad? notes. I find myself often praying about the same things day after day, night after night, and even year after year. How about you? In fact, it seems I even say the same words nearly verbatim night after night when I pray. I suspect you repeat prayers as well. Praying the …

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To Whom Do We Address When Praying?

To Whom Do We Address When Praying? notes. The Lord Jesus Christ turned traditional prayer upside down. He didn’t teach shuckling (rocking back and forth), useless liturgies, synagogue prayer, specific dress codes when praying, loud praying, or addressing prayers to one of the one-hundred and fifteen names of God. Instead Jesus specifically said to address …

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Introduction Prayer Issues Not Taught

Introduction Prayer Issues Not Taught notes. My prayer life is probably different when compared to the prayer life of most people. It’s not because I just want to be different. It’s because of self-study of the Scriptures, and the pastor/teacher occupational necessity I had to Scripturally teach people about prayer. There was also application of …

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Closet Prayer notes

Closet Prayer notes. Jesus began His teaching about prayer by telling us “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray…” (KJV). Did He mean shut ourselves in a literal closet to pray. Of course not. We’ll take a look at other translations, do a Greek word …

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Prayer Issues Not Taught Series

Prayer Issues Not Taught Series notes. What about prayer can I possibly discuss with you or show you you’ve maybe not already discussed and received teaching? What could there possibly be concerning prayer you might not already know? Let’s list a few thoughts I have. These thoughts I seldom, if ever, hear or read about …

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Training Our Children By Discipline Audio

Handling Controlling Manipulative People

Training Our Children By Discipline to do right. If we wait until the child does wrong to discipline we’ve missed the point. We should train all the child’s life to do right. Teach the child the boundaries. Train the child to be dedicated to doing right. Get the child dedicated to the things of God …

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Time of Visitation audio notes

Time of Visitation

Time of Visitation audio and notes. What do you need from the Lord? Please don’t sit back. Cry out the more! Bartimaeus and others did not. They took action and did not miss their time of visitation. Don’t miss your time of visitation.  Time of Visitation audio and sermon notes By Pastor Delbert Young Audio …

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Love That Passes Knowledge audio

Understanding Love

Love That Passes Knowledge audio. Apostle Paul prayed we would know a love that went beyond our comprehension. It’s something I have not yet understood or experienced. It’s the agape Jesus has and this brings a manifested presence of the Spirit. Jesus allowed the omnipresence of Father God to become the manifested presence of God. …

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Thanksgiving Sermons Page: A Powerful Force for Gratitude

Thanksgiving Sermons Page

Thanksgiving Sermons Page – video audio notes. We mostly see this day as a wonderful time for us in the U.S., and it is. However, most of the world doesn’t see it this way. The truth is Thanks Giving, according to the Scriptures, is a powerful force. We should all be thankful people constantly giving …

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