Chrome didn’t shut down correctly solved. Are you getting the error: “Restore pages? Chrome didn’t shut down correctly” every time you start Chrome? We can fix it.

There are many really good web browsers out there now. However, if you’re like me you enjoy using Chrome’s web browser. Yet, sometimes when you start it you get this annoying message “Restore pages? Chrome didn’t shut down correctly.” Let’s fix this. It won’t take but a few minutes.

If you’d rather read the instruction step-by-step I also made a step-by-step guide. It’s titled “Chrome didn’t shut down correctly – error solved” and you can go to it by clicking the link.

Chrome Didn’t Shut Down Correctly

Chrome didnt shut down correctly solved

Chrome didn’t shut down correctly solved – video

Speaking about some other good web browsers you might want to check out these I also use.

Vivaldi has a good browser. It seems fast and has all the bells and whistles any of us would want. Go to

Another I’ve only begin experimenting with is one created by CCleaner. Surely you’re familiar with trusted CCleaner. I use it all the time to keep my computer cleaned up and running well. The cleaner has a wealth of tools, but we’re not talking about keeping a computer running well. The browser claims “No ads, No tracking, No junk, and Built-in security.” I’m easing into using it, but I have high hopes it will soon become my default. Go to CCleaner browser.

A browser I’ve been using for a while is Opera Web Browser. It was one of the first to come out with a built in VPN and I daily use its easy setup Speed dials. It’s fast and has more tools than I use. Go here to download Opera browser.

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