Church We Have A Problem sermon video

Church We Have A Problem – sermon video audio notes – The words from Apollo 13 were Houston we have a problem. The only concern of Houston became to get the men in trouble home. They refocused everything. I want us to refocus. What will it take for us to realize that precious people are in trouble out there? Can we get them home in time? If we can’t, then Church, We Have A Problem. Do those lost really matter to us?

Church We Have A Problem sermon video

by Delbert Young

Sermon notes


Church We Have A Problem sermon video

Scriptures: Luke 15:1-2, Luke 15:7, Luke 15:10, Luke 15:20-24, Luke 15:28-30-32, Matthew 6:21

On April 11, 1970, Apollo 13 launched and began a journey for the moon and a lunar landing with three astronauts aboard. Fifty-six hours into the mission, the ship was 200,000 miles into space. The men had just said their goodnights to their families when at 10:06 PM, April 13 EST, an explosion happened onboard the spacecraft. The no. 2 oxygen tank exploded blowing away the side of the spacecraft. Amazingly, the three astronauts were alive. The next words spoken were, “Houston, we’ve had a problem here!” The command center in Houston, Texas had observed many of the emergency lights come on when the explosion happened and, when hearing the voice of the astronaut, asked them to repeat. The reply came, “Houston, we have a problem.”

The situation was serious. Not only was the spacecraft severely damaged, but also it was leaking the oxygen for the astronaut’s survival into space. They would die lost in space unless those they were talking with in Houston could find a way to get them home. Their very lives depended upon those people in Houston, Texas. (continue sermon notes)

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