Hearing the Word of God sermon video. The Lord made a deal with us. By hearing the Word of God we can know and understand the mysteries of the parables meaning the mysteries of life. Others hear but never hear. Imagine being able to understand vital mysteries about life!

By Delbert Young

Hearing the Word of God sermon video

Sermon notes

Hearing the Word of God sermon video

Scriptures: Luke 8:8-10; John 10:27; Mark 4:13-14; Luke 8:11; Luke 8:5; Luke 8:12; Luke 8:6; Luke 8:13; Luke 8:7;
Luke 8:14; Luke 8:8; Luke 8:15; Luke 8:16-18; Luke 8:19-21

One thing that obviously separates a Christ Follower from the lost is grasping the mysteries of time. The Lord is very passionate about this. He cried, He that hat ears to hear… The disciples asked why was he so passionate about this and the Lord said you have got to be able to hear.

The Lord makes a deal with us. If we will hear, we can know and understand the mysteries of the parables. Others hear the parables and perhaps even the truth of the parables, but they never truly see or hear the mysteries of the parables. Imagine being able to understand vital mysteries about life. Or, you can refuse to hear and, as Jesus said, see, butnot see, an hear and not understand the mysteries. You can be extremely smart and extremely wise, or you can be dumb. DEAL OR NO DEAL? Understanding mysteries is all about how we hear.

It is amazing how many times Jesus referenced hearing and the contextual situations he used it. Remember the “Sermon on the Mount?” At the end, Jesus told a story about two people building houses. One built his house on the sand and one built his house on the rock. They both heard and faced the same storms, but while the house of the man who heard and did the words Jesus spoke stood, the other house collapsed (Mat 7:24-26). We can directly relate collapsed lives to not hearing correctly. You can understand the mysteries of success. (continue sermon notes)

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