Remain Salty sermon video. A disciple will remain salty by (1) making disciples (2) bring-ing people a more abundant life (3) ministering to the sick and the sinners (4) save the world by not condemning it and (5) a disciple will bring division.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Remain Salty sermon video

Sermon notes

Remain Salty sermon video

Scriptures: Luke 14:26-35; Luke 14:26-35; Matthew 28:19-20; John 10:10; Matthew 9:12-13; John 3:17; Matthew 10:34-38

We are doing this series on DISCIPLE. I fear that I am getting way too serious about this DISCIPLE/Christian thing, so I think I will back off. In fact, I think I have upset some people. I have been way too heavy. To show how sorry I am about it, I think we should change the name of our church. I think we should change one letter in our name. That’s not much. I think we should change the ‘f” in L I F E to a ‘t.’ The name should be “Lite” like the beer… “Lite Gate Church.” I think that would work better. Also, our mission statement has been for years “Life Gate Church, reaching people and making them devoted followers of Jesus Christ.” I think we will change that too. From now on, it will be “Lite Gate Church making people partially devoted followers of Jesus Christ.” I think that will be better. That will be more “user friendly” and “seeker sensitive.” To go along with our new name and new mission statement, I’ve got a whole new marketing campaign. Church will be great. It’s all about you. You know, come after worship, and leave before the offering. Or, just come for the music. We want you to be happy.  (continue sermon notes)

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