Disciple Sermon Series

Disciple Sermon Series sermon video audio notes. Did you know Jesus never invited anybody to be a Christian? Let’s talk about what Jesus did invite people to do and what He required. Doing it will change our lives, and we will change the world.


Disciple Sermon Series sermon video audio notes
Disciple Sermon Series sermon video audio notes

My Disciple sermon video audio notes

What did Jesus call/name/reference a person who comes to him? Answer: My Disciple. Jesus laid out 5 incredible requirements for those who desire to follow him. Jesus said it cost to be a disciple and we must consider the cost. What are some of the costs? For one, Jesus promised persecution. If you do not face persecution, you should probably check to see if you are actually following Jesus. What are some of the other requirements?

Disciple Because You Say So sermon video audio notes

Jesus said it all boils down to loving God and loving your neighbor – the people doing life around you. I want to talk about how a DISCIPLE relates to people. A DISCIPLE breaks bread FROM HOUSE TO HOUSE. How do you do with this one? When was the last time you met in a house with other believers, had a meal with them, ministered to them, and allowed them to minister to you?

Remain Salty sermon video audio notes

A disciple will remain salty by (1) making disciples (2) bringing people a more abundant life (3) ministering to the sick and the sinners (4) save the world by not condemning it and (5) a disciple will bring division.

From House to House – sermon video audio notes

I like how Luke records the very first words spoken by Peter in the Bible as, “Because you say so.” That is the attitude Jesus is looking for from a disciple and we see what happens when words are not only spoken but followed through. Peter experienced a massive miracle. The attitude of a disciple is BECAUSE YOU SAID SO, but this isn’t necessarily the attitude of a Christian.

Go – sermon audio notes

Go We Are To Go. These were some of the last words Jesus spoke before he ascended to the throne. Speaking to His disciples, Jesus told them to travel everywhere and talk to anyone teaching them everything He taught them and baptizing them. Jesus said to make more disciples.

Disciple Sermon Series sermon video audio notes

Disciple Sermon Series

Disciple Sermon Series sermon video audio notes

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