People You Should Meet and People You Should Miss sermon video. The people you should meet and people you should miss determine your future and destiny. We want and need to meet those who will help direct us to the doors God has for us and help keep us on God’s best roads and plans for our lives. We want and need to miss those who will help cause us to go through the wrong doors and down the wrong roads leading to destruction, bad experiences, hurt, demonic connections. There are people you should miss. 

By Delbert Young

People You Should Meet and People You Should Miss sermon video

Sermon notes

People You Should Meet and People You Should Miss sermon video

Scriptures: Matthew 7:13-14, Proverbs 13:20, Acts 9:26-28, 2 Samuel 13:1, 2 Samuel 13:3

A divine connection happens and the connection will lead to something life changing. It could be meeting your spouse, meeting a life-long friend. It could be meeting someone who opened a door of opportunity leading to a major break in your life. It could be encountering someone who helped you in a time of need. You’ve likely already experienced all the above and if God did it for you in your past, he’s doing it now, and will do it in your future. It wasn’t an accident, coincidence, or chance. It was God supernaturally giving you divine appointments and connections. God was directing your steps and taking delight in every detail of your life (Psa 37:23-25). As we trust the Lord and leave our times in his hands (Psa 31:14-15), we will continue to enjoy these amazing divine appointments and connections leading us to green pastures, soul restoration, and still waters (Psa 23). God has Divine Appointments and Connections for You.Don’t force Appointments and Connections. If you must force an appointment or connection it’s not God. He will allow you to force it, but forced connections always end in grief, trouble, and problems. (continue sermon notes)

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