Fear Not Touch Me Follow Me Go Ye Easter sermon video. Jesus said to his disciples after the resurrection, Fear Not, Touch Me, Follow Me, Go Ye – Today Jesus’ tomb stands open and empty. This is not religious folklore. It is historical fact. It is documented. It is real. Because of the manifold implications of Jesus’ resurrection, hundreds of millions of people all around the world stop what they are doing on this holy day, and they go to a church. Some go to just remember. Others go to rejoice, and some go to recalibrate.

by Pastor Delbert Young

Fear Not Touch Me Follow Me Go Ye Easter sermon video

Sermon notes


Fear Not Touch Me Follow Me Go Ye Easter sermon video

I want to focus our attention on four brief conversations that Jesus had with people shortly after the miracle of his resurrection. Each of these conversations can be reduced to two-word sound bites.


The first sound bite comes as the women return from the empty tomb. They were running to tell the other disciples when they ran smack-dab into the resurrected Lord. This experience terrified them. Perhaps that sounds strange to us. Were they not expecting to see him? If we can, imagine hurrying along in our busy lives and looking up and there stands the real Jesus right in our path. I don’t care how well we know Jesus. That would shake us. They were so shook that Jesus needed to say, “Be not afraid.” Let’s use the term “Fear not” for our sound bite.

Fear can immobilize any person. Fear will freeze the mind and throw the mind into shock. Fear can so traumatize a person that the person will live the remainder of life in the grips of that fear. A woman that experienced a rape or a person that experienced a car crash or an act of violence will raise a fear that can seize a person over and over. (continue sermon notes)

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