I See Grace pt 2 Easter sermon video. The grace of God is a mystery. There is no one word capable of expressing the grace of God- no synonym – no dictionary definition fully defining grace. It’s because God’s grace is a mystery. Grace isn’t supposed to be easily understood. You must SEE grace for yourself and today, I want you to leave saying, I see grace.


By Pastor Delbert Young

I See Grace pt 2 Easter sermon video

Sermon notes

I See Grace pt 2 Easter sermon video

Scriptures: Ephesians 3:2-3; Luke 7:34; Luke 7:39; Luke 15:1-2; Romans 5:6; Romans 7:24; Isaiah 7:14

Welcome! We are thrilled you are here to celebrate this Easter with us. We actually live in the age of Easter, as it were. This age began with the first Easter at the resurrection of Jesus Christ and our age will end with the last Easter, the resurrection of all believers. A day is coming when all believers in Jesus Christ will rise from the dead just as Jesus arose the first Easter. Between those two resurrections/Easters, we each get to choose if we will go to heaven and celebrate with the Lord Jesus or choose to go to hell and burn in torment with the devil. That decision is the ultimate decision you and I make during our entire lifetime. So, I’m happy you are here working on your decision about the last Easter.

What I want to talk to you about this Easter morning is what the coming of Jesus Christ, ministry of Jesus Christ, death of Jesus Christ, and resurrection of Jesus Christ means to each of us today. The Bible sums it up in what it calls grace, but that’s difficult to understand because God’s grace is a mystery. (continue sermon notes)

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