The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6 audio video notes. There are nineteen messages, I think, for this chapter. Why so many? In all my years of ministry, I never studied each apostle. So, I took the time to do it. Each apostle of Jesus Christ was unique. We took a look at the fables and the historical facts about each. I ministered all of these messages but two. However, I did write the notes. I did include the audio and videos, as well as the notes. If you’d enjoy an in-depth study of the apostles of Christ, this is it. There are also messages about other issues in this chapter. 

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6 video audio sermon notes

by Delbert Young

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6 audio video notes

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6 video audio sermon notes

Sabbath Day Petty or Pertinent video audio notes Luke 6:1-5

Which one of the Ten Commandments are you consistently guilty of disobeying? You might say, Well, #3, #4, #9, #10… But, the one I want to focus on is the SABBATH DAY. Maybe you think Sunday is the Sabbath day. No. The Sabbath day is Saturday, the seventh day of the week, literally, sundown Friday until sundown Saturday. Here’s a question: Are you going to go to hell because you willfully broke the commandment to keep the Sabbath? A few years back, I was getting onto Interstate 75. There was a billboard saying, that Saturday is the Sabbath, not Sunday. You will go to hell if you worship on Sunday, or something similar. Is that correct?

The Sabbath Good or Evil to Save or Destroy video audio notes Luke 6:6-11

Jesus flagrantly broke their Sabbath day observances. He was not a Sabbatarian and that position contributed to his execution. Jesus did not applaud the Sabbath day observances. Instead, he took a defiant position and assaulted them. With those thoughts in mind, let’s look at our lesson for today.

Apostles Ordinary Men Chosen to be Extraordinary video audio notes Luke 6:12-16

The apostles were very ordinary men chosen to do something extraordinary. No one had ever done, or was ever asked to do, what Jesus asked them to do. They were uneducated and unimportant nobody’s chosen to spend time with Jesus. That’s how God works.

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6 audio video notes

Simon Peter Was He Simon or Was He Peter video audio notes Luke 6:12-16

We learned the twelve were divided into three groups, or three teams, of four. Each group had a leader. Simon Peter was the leader of the first group and also, as we will see, the leader of the twelve. Philip was the leader of group two and James son of Alphaeus was the leader of group three. Jesus established an order of leaders among leaders with Simon Peter being the leader of all.

Apostle Peter Do You Love Me More video audio notes Luke 6:12-16

How much do you love Jesus in comparison to others? Have you ever analyzed this thought? Actually, do you love him more than your job or business? Do you love Jesus more than money? How about your time, your family, your marriage? Where does Jesus number in your list of the loves of your life? Do you love him?

Apostle Andrew Brought Him to Jesus video audio notes Luke 6:12-16

How did Apostle Andrew die? It is said he led the wife of a Roman governor to Jesus. Imagine that! However, it infuriated her husband. The governor demanded his wife recant her allegiance to Jesus Christ. She refused, so the governor had Apostle Andrew crucified on an “X” shaped cross. This is why the “X” shaped cross is known as the St Andrew’s Cross. It is said Apostle Andrew hung there preaching the name of Jesus to all who passed by. He interacted with people bringing as many as possible to Jesus until he took his last breath.

Apostle James a Son of Thunder video audio notes Luke 6:12-16

These were the apostles closest to Jesus – Peter, James, and John. Apostle James was on Peter’s team – the first team. Apostle James enjoyed a very close relationship with Jesus and was present in the more private times of Jesus, yet we don’t know much about him.

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6 audio video notes

Apostle John Truth and Love video audio notes Luke 6:12-16

Apostle John is known for two things – Truth and Love. How special is that? How many of us desire a spouse characterized by truth and love, and how many of us desire friends characterized by truth and love? Also how many of us want children or parents full of truth and love? If there is anything any of us should want to be and be known for in life it should be truth and love. Apostle John is remembered by truth and love.

Apostle Philip Don’t You Believe video audio notes Luke 6:12-16

“Philip, get out of your rule book and believe. Stop attempting to figure everything out and believe me. The miracles and the evidence are overwhelming. If you can’t believe I am of God then at least believe the evidence. Your analytical pragmatic mind can come up with no other explanation. ‘Show us the Father…’ What do you think I’ve been doing?” God can take a doubter and make him or her an Apostle Philip.

Apostle Nathanael Bartholomew and His Fig Tree video audio notes Luke 6:12-16

What’s Nathanael’s question? How do you know me? Jesus knew him because of the fig tree. Have you seen a fig tree? Have you ever attempted to get under a fig tree? It’s not like sitting under a pine tree. I mean, you have to work to get under a fig tree. Apostle Nathanael had a secret place, a hiding place, caved out under a fig tree that only he and God knew about. It was his secret place and his hiding place. It was where he sought God and meditated hoping in God’s Word.

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6 audio video notes

Apostle Matthew the Publican and Apostle Thomas the Doubter video audio notes Luke 6:12-16

Matthew, also called Levi, was a tax collector when called by Jesus. Tax collectors (KJV – publicans) were hated and despised by everyone, not only Jews. You would have hated them too. The reason is they were dishonest and mean people. What is the first word you think when you hear the name “Thomas”? Doubt, right? People say, “You’re a doubting Thomas.” That comes from Thomas the apostle. We see once more how Jesus will call even someone full of doubt and use that person to help change the world.

Apostle James son of Alphaeus Apostle Simon the Zealot Apostle Judas son of James video audio

These are actually James son of Alphaeus, Simon the Zealot, and Judas son of James, not Judas Iscariot.

The point somewhat uniquely special with James the son of Alphaeus is his obscurity. There just isn’t anything specifically recorded about him. We don’t have any specific statements by James the son of Alphaeus. He was not a person of renown, but as we’ve learned, God doesn’t depend on superstars.

The Zealots hated the Romans. Zealots were assassins responsible for terrorist acts. They were known for concealing a thin short sharp sword, silently slipping up on a Roman soldier (or whomever they wanted to assassinate), and running the sword into the back and into the heart. That was Apostle Simon the Zealot.

When studying Judas the son of James, we see an interesting truth. All the writers desperately attempt to change his identity. Matthew and Mark don’t use the name Judas for this apostle in their gospels. John writes, “Judas, not Judas Iscariot” in his gospel. The name “Judas” was evidently nauseating to them.

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6 audio video notes

Judas Iscariot the Apostle with a Special Place in Hell pt.1 video audio Luke 6:12-16

He has a special place in hell. How many have ever been betrayed by someone you trusted and loved? How many have ever betrayed someone you trusted and loved? I’ve been on both ends. I’ve been Judas. I suspect you have too. A person can be called by Jesus to the greatest calling a person could have, hear the message of salvation and the kingdom of God from the lips of Jesus himself, be around the most spiritual of people, see miracles, observe demons exercised from people, think they are saved and secure, yet be filled with Satan and go to their own special place in hell.

Judas Iscariot the Apostle with a Special place in Hell part 2 video audio notes Luke 6:12-16

Judas sold out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver (KJV). What would today’s value be of thirty silver coins, or thirty pieces of silver (KJV)? It would be about $15,000 on today’s market. Too many today have their own “thirty pieces of silver” reason they sell out Jesus. Do you have one – a relationship, addiction, greed, laziness? Is there a special place in hell waiting?

Living Like God video audio notes Luke 6:17-16-26

Jesus was preaching about enjoying a blessed god-like abundant full life living like God paralleled with a bad woe life full of grief living like the devil. So, here, to me, is his theme and point: IF YOU ARE A REAL DISCIPLE THIS IS THE LIFE YOU LIVE. It’s a life living like God. This sermon instructs you not only how to live a god-like life, but how to know with certainty if you are a real follower/disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6 audio video notes

You Want Me to Love People Who part 1 video audio notes Luke 6: 27-28

Jesus has this crazy notion that people who follow him should love people who hate them. So, have you ever done something good for someone you considered an enemy, for someone who hated you, cursed you, and mistreated you? Was it easy? Being a disciple, i.e., a Christian is not easy. How did that work out for you when you did something good for an enemy? How did you feel afterward? Did you feel good? Did you feel sort of godly, or we could say god-like? You were.

You Want Me to Love Agape Who part 2 video audio notes Luke 6:27-36

Jesus developed love (agape) and infects his disciples with this kind of love. The difference between all other types of love and agape love is it’s not based on emotions, warm feelings, or even wanting to do it. We make the decision to agape. We decide to love someone no matter if they deserve it or expect it. It’s not self-serving. We do it because it’s the God-like thing to do, not because it feels good. Agape or agapao love is a decision, not a feeling. It’s the love of God and the love God is.

Judge Not or Judge That is the Question video audio notes Luke 6:37-42

Judge not that you be not judged may well be the best-known verse in the entire Bible even above John 3:16. Even people far from God know, Judge not that you be not judged. The truth is we must make judgments every day concerning people. You can’t go through life and not judge the actions of people, at least you best not.

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6 audio video notes

Trees Fruit Hearts and Foundation video audio notes Luke 6:43-49

The parable is obvious in meaning. Both houses looked fine with simple observation, but one is deceptive. There’s no foundation. When, not if, both houses go through the torrent – a flood or catastrophic experience – it becomes obvious which house was real and which one was deceptive. When we simply say, “Lord, Lord,” but do not do what we know Jesus said to do, we’ve moved into a deceptive house. Collapse and destruction always come when there is no foundation. When we do what Jesus said to do, no torrent or flood so much as shakes the house.

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The Gospel of Luke Chapter 6 audio video notes