Faith to Take Risks Part 1 sermon video. Remember, no matter what you do new, you never know every step of the way. Faith is taking risks and having confidence in God Almighty to see you through. If you always live in “play it safe” mentality, you will never get off dead center. You will never experience the horizons God has for you. David’s FAITH TO TAKE RISKS propelled David to new horizons and his destiny. That’s what God wants to do for you.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Faith to Take Risks Part 1 sermon video

Sermon notes


Faith to Take Risks Part 1 sermon video

James 2:22; Exodus 40:36-37; Luke 5:4, 6-7; Genesis 12:1-4

Faith impels you to action and actions require risks. You will never be all God wants you to be, or all you want to be, if you only live life with a “play-it-safe” mentality. Peter was the only one who walked on water because he was the only one who took the risk. He didn’t “play-it-safe.” You will never experience, or even know, the amazing things you can do unless you have the courage and boldness to take a step of faith to take risks.

People will remain in a job they don’t like, or hate, for twenty-five years. They never use their gifts and talents and never experience fulfillment. Still, they stay doing something they do not enjoy year after year. Why? It’s safe. They are comfortable (complacent) with no pressure. God has opened doors to give them advancement along the way, but they allowed the “what ifs” to talk them out of it. “WHAT IF I take a different job and don’t like it?” “WHAT IF I make a mistake?” “WHAT IF I can’t do the job well?” “What if you thought about it this way?” WHAT IF you take the job and it moves you to your God-given destiny? WHAT IF you love the job and it is totally fulfilling to you? WHAT IF you find you have talents and abilities you never knew you had? You will never know unless you “WHAT IF” toward FAITH TO TAKE RISKS. (continue sermon notes)

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