Circumcise Hill of the Foreskins Fathers Day sermon video. I was in a series from the Book of Joshua and then it was Father’s Day. It was the 5th chapter. Joshua, by God’s order, was to tell the men to circumcise again the children of God. What an amazing thought for fathers and fatherhood. Often we need to circumcise again ourselves and our children. 

By Delbert Young

Circumcise Hill of the Foreskins Fathers Day sermon video

Sermon notes


Circumcise Hill of the Foreskins Fathers Day sermon video

Scriptures: Matthew 4:23, Matthew 16:18, Matthew 21:43, Matthew 11:12, John 3:3, John 3:5, John 7:37, John 7:38, John 7:39, Ephesians 5:26, Ephesians 6:17, Joshua 3:8, Joshua 3:3, John 5:20, Luke 5:17, Matthew 14:28, Matthew 14:29, Acts 22:16, John 13:8, John 13:9

Joshua chapter 5 gives us several issues that we must check before we attempt to go to battle with the enemy and POSSESS THE KINGDOM. (1) SURRENDER – the circumcision of the heart. (2) HEALING – allowing our hearts to heal. (3) PASSOVER – celebrating Jesus with our hearts. (4) CAPTAIN OF THE LORD’S HOST – recognizing with our hearts who is really in charge. In other words, God expects us to get our hearts or attitudes right with him before we attack. Jesus began the Sermon on the Mount with the beatitudes – attitudes. If we are going to be successful and POSSESS THE KINGDOM, we must allow God to cut away bad attitudes.

God told Joshua and the people to prepare for battle, but not by running war games and sharpening their swords and arrows. Instead they were to sharpen knives for the surgery of CIRCUMCISION. Before God can do a work out there through us, he must do a work on our heart within us.

Joshua 5:2 At that time the LORD said unto Joshua, Make thee sharp knives, and CIRCUMCISE AGAIN THE CHILDREN of Israel the second time.

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