Getting Your Church Online

Staying with the thought of Online Church, many churches today have online services. There is some incredible information today to help any church get an online campus up and running.

One of the most popular is the church online platform. It is a remarkable resource. I love what their home page. It says, “The world is more connected than ever. Let’s connect it with Christ.” They supply and will help you build the backend so you can have a front end you can show with pride.

YouTube offers free live streaming. You can get started here with their Introduction to live streaming. They do a great job giving instructions. YouTube’s live streaming offers an excellent place to begin online streaming.

I’m not personally familiar with it, but Church looks nice. It offers several plans ranging from $139 to $499 a month.

Here is a list of streaming platforms for churches.




Sunday Streams








There are many more offering online streaming. Any church can find a way to get it’s message out online. Every church can find a way to reach people they would never reach any other way by using the online tool.