Online is an Easy Way to Reach the World

The online church gives every church a relatively easy and inexpensive way to not only reach the world but reach those in the church’s backyard. People today will frequently check a church out online before personally visiting a physical location. Not only this but by being online we can continue to minister to our members who are aged and can not physically make it to a corporate meeting. Online can also reach our sick or disabled. Online church is limitless and in the time God placed us, we truly can reach the world.

A few years back as I write, my wife became very ill. She never missed church, but her illness prevented her from going. Thanks to Caleb, the young man I spoke about in the first post of this category, she was able to attend and participate in her church online. I chat with people every week who have a campus church, but for whatever reason, they could not physically go to the campus this week. However, they were able to attend online.

As I said in a previous post, this past week from Panama City, Florida, people were joining online from Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Serbia, Spain, and the United States. Every week we see people come to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. What a tremendous outreach online church can be and is.