Unlearning Limiting Beliefs sermon video. Self limiting beliefs hold us back for a life time even if based from a casual remark, or even a joke. The good news is beliefs were learned so they can be unlearned. There’s some area in your life where someone said or thought you were inferior, but you determined inwardly, you ‘made up your mind,’ if for no other reason to prove them wrong, and you showed them.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Unlearning Limiting Beliefs sermon video

Sermon notes

Unlearning Limiting Beliefs sermon video

Scriptures: Matthew 9:27-29, Mark 9:22-23, Psalm 139:13-14, Mark 11:23-24

We all have inward beliefs about ourselves positive and negative. We all have personal attitudes about ourselves. We all have prejudices about ourselves. These produce how I really believe about myself or my faith in myself. Negative beliefs about me will limit and stop me from achieving my goals and fulfilling my potential.

To correct this, we must first learn how limiting beliefs about ourselves are subjective, meaning not based on fact at all. All beliefs are learned. When we came into this world, we had no beliefs at all. We had no religious beliefs, no political party beliefs, no beliefs about people, no prejudice beliefs, and no beliefs at all. My limiting beliefs are the results of information I’ve taken in about myself throughout my life. This information was initially formed in my early childhood starting with my parents, my friends, my instructors, by my education, by life experiences, and a thousand other things. If I believe myself to be limited in some way, it becomes true for me and dictates how life will be done to me. When I believe it, I act in a deficient way when it comes to that skill… (continue sermon notes)

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