Chrome didn’t shut down correctly. Restore or Open startup pages Error solved

Restore Pages?

Chrome didn’t shut down correctly.

When getting this error constantly, you can do the following without losing any setting, favorites, passwords, etc.

1. Make certain the Show hidden files, folders, and drives radial button is selected.

This will allow you to see AppData later. Navigate to Control Panel – Folder Options – View (tab) – and select the radial button on Show hidden files, folders, and drives

Folder Options

Select Apply and OK

2. Open Windows Explorer to browse to Chrome Preferences file

Start – All Programs – Accessories – Windows Explorer

3. Open Chrome User Data Default

In Windows Explorer, Navigate to OS (C:) – Users – [Your User  Name] – AppData – Local – Google – Chrome – User Data – Default

4. Locate the “Preferences” file (not Preferences.bad nor Preferences.bak – it’s “Preferences”)


Your file could look a bit different as it’s not been edited, but this is where it is and it’s okay if it appears differently. (A good idea would be to copy and paste an original of the Preferences file someplace, i.e. Desktop, until you feel you no longer need it.)

5. Open the “Preferences” file

Right click the Preferences file and select Open.

Windows can't open this file

Change the radial button to

Windows can't open this file-2

When asked what program to use to Open with, find and select “Notepad” and OK.


You will see this.


6. Locate “exit_type”: “Crashed”,

In the Preferences file, find

“exit_type”: “Crashed”,  

(I used “ctrl+f” keys and searched for Crashed)

You are looking for something like this


7. Change the word “Crashed” to the word “normal”

It should look like this after changed: “exit_type”: “normal”,

8. Save New Edited Preferences file

Save the Notepad file. It will save as Preferences.txt

Delete the old “Preferences file (keep it in the trash bin for peace of mind until you are certain it is needed no longer)

Rename and remove the “.txt” from the Preferences.txt file. It should look simply like this: Preferences

When asked if you are sure you want to change the file’s extension select Yes

9. Close all work and reboot computer

After reboot, start Chrome. You should no longer have the Chrome didn’t shut down correctly restore error message.

10. You can now go back and select Don’t show hidden files, folders, or drives radial button in the Folder Options panel (see step 1.)

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