Get Your Hopes Up sermon video. I remember being positive during a stormy experience. I was told, ‘Don’t get your hopes up.’ This was so wrong. Tough times are the times to get your hopes up. It’s when disturbing things are happening that we need to put our hope in God. If you are going to receive everything that god has for you, you need to get your hopes up and watch God work.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Get Your Hopes Up sermon video

Sermon notes

Get Your Hopes Up sermon video

Scriptures: Romans 5:3-5, Psalm 43:5, (TMB) Isaiah 61:7, Deuteronomy 28:2, Matthew 7:11, Ephesians 3:10-12, Ephesians 3:20-21

What a year it was! 2008 was a crazy, most unusual year for many people around the world. It was filled with trials and adversity. Many of us went through things we never faced before. However, don’t let the news and media or government get your hopes down. Don’t let them talk you into expecting a bad gloomy year.

Even in the midst of all the things we went through, 2008 was a time of great success, victory, and blessings. As a ministry, we watched God’s word transform lives WEEKLY. In this room, we witnessed many salvations. How successful is that? Nearly every week, hands went up to receive Jesus as Lord and rededicate to him. We witnessed many baptisms. We watched as lives, standing before us, transformed WEEKLY through personal ministry and prayer. How awesome was that? Our Children and Student’s ministries amplified. Young lives were directed to a spiritual walk with Jesus. More than ever before, we watched all this happen before our very eyes continuing right into homes through Life Groups(continue sermon notes)

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