Have you every experienced a famine in your life? It seemed there was no relief any place. Did you revert to Egypt – the things of the world? Did it seem everything was drying up?  We usually at least think about going back to Egypt. When we do its when things go sour.

There’s A Famine In The Land

By Pastor Delbert Young


There’s A Famine In The Land

There was a famine in the land famine in the land. We’re studying the life of Isaac. Isaac, the son of Abraham. We’re looking at his life. Last time we looked at Isaac, we saw Isaac was the first one who ever entreated the Lord. It was Isaac who entreated the Lord asking for sons. Twenty years he entreated the Lord. We saw the word entreated means to burn incense. Isaac entreated the Lord with a prayer life. He saw the Lord with a prayer life. Isaac continually in the presence of the Lord.

I explained to you about incense and how incense gets all over everything and in everything. It’s inescapable. Isaac would pray to the Lord for sons he would eventually get. He prayed to the Lord and his prayer was like incense.

We showed you Isaac’s prayer was like a prayer Jesus taught us to pray in the New Testament where the widow continuously stayed in the face of the unjust judge until she got what she wanted. This is what we want to learn to do. The particular message is pray and keep on praying until we get what we’re supposed to have. sermon notes and audio

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