Fight For Life And Love Your Spouse – David said don’t let me die until I can teach the next generation how to live. Excellent people will one day face death. Carol, my little sister, was an excellent person who loved life so she treated life with excellence. Why? So she could teach us and teach her children how to fight for life. Carol showed me and said, ‘I have to live with cancer, but it’s not going to become my life.’ I learned even more how precious it is to love and fight for life from my little sister than from anyone.

Fight For Life And Love Your Spouse
By Pastor Delbert Young


Fight for Life and Love Your Spouse

Scriptures: Psalms 71:9; Matthew 27:46; Psalms 71:18

Friday morning we were at our friend’s house waiting for Atlanta traffic to calm down so we could come home from the time of my sister’s funeral Thursday. I was looking over my notes on Luke I planned to share today when Judy said, “I know you probably won’t do it, but I think it would be powerful to share some of what you shared at the funeral.” We discussed it. The more I thought about it, the more I felt maybe it would be good.

Imagine your child standing in a hospital ICU room with his/her sister. The doctors basically told them their sister will die shortly. Did you prepare your child for such a moment? Can you prepare your child to watch their sister or brother die? Nothing in life prepares you for that. I wasn’t prepared. Mentally, we prepare for our parents to pass, but a sibling? I never prepared my children, yet one day either of them could walk into that room. Perhaps the only way for them to prepare is to be with you when you do it. sermon notes and audio

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