Shepherds First sermon video. (2185 views) Why Shepherds First – Have you ever thought, “Why shepherds were invited first to see the Christ child?” There were many people in Bethlehem. Why go out of town to announce Christ’s (Messiah) – Immanuel’s – birth to shepherds? If you were going out of town, why not tell Caesar Augustus or Quirinius? Why shepherds first? Here’s why. Jesus didn’t come to the rich and famous, the powerful and popular. Nor did he come to the monks and Pharisees who refuse to touch the dung of life. Jesus DID come to the stables and dung of life. He spent his time with the lowest worst sinners in the deepest mess, the demon possessed and prostitutes, the fornicators and the poor. Jesus came to the stables and mangers and rags of life. He is not a God who stands back and says you’ve got to become good before you can get to me. It was shepherds first.


by Delbert Young

Shepherds First sermon video

Sermon notes

Shepherds First sermon video

Luke 2:1-20 Scriptures: Genesis 3:15; Isaiah 7:14; Micah 5:2; Luke 2:1-2; Ecclesiastes 3:11; Luke 2:4-5; Luke 2:6-7; John 1:1-2; John 1:14; 1 Timothy 2:5; Luke 2:8-12; Luke 2:13-16; Luke 2:17-18; Luke 2:19-20

This biblical story is the most known and popular portion in the entire Bible. Even those far from God can tell this story. I’ve heard it and you’ve heard it every year at Christmas time since we can remember. We’ve subconsciously added what our parent’s said, Sunday school teacher said, preacher said, songs said, etc. to the story. We’ve come up with literally our own Christmas Story frequently missing the real emphasis of what God said and meant for it to mean. We may know what we think it says, but do we know what it means? If we do then why shepherds first?

I will re-frame from attempting to adjust your Nativity scenes, Christmas trees, Santa Clause, and your myths of Christmas. I will if you will admit Christmas today, though a wonderful family holiday, places little, if any, emphasis on the true meaning of the birth of Jesus… (continue sermon notes)

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