Go Tell That Fox sermon video. Go tell that fox, Jesus said. Jesus would not allow Herod to stop him as did John the Baptist. John the Baptist became consumed with Herod. Herod not only stopped John, but destroyed his life. This is what the fox does to anyone if we don’t learn how to handle Herod. It may sound simple, but it’s difficult to do. We must learn to tell that fox! Go tell that fox.


Go Tell That Fox sermon video (Luke 13:31-35)

By Delbert Young

Sermon notes


Go Tell That Fox – Luke 13:1-9 13:31-35

Scriptures: Luke 13:31, Luke 13:32-33, Luke 13:34, Luke 13:35

What nuisance in your life attempts to control you by bringing fear, sucks out your joy and pleasures, and basically hinders your life? It attempts to drive you from what you desire to do. I’m certain there is something or someone who pops up in life occasionally. How do you handle it? Another question we will explore today is have you ever had your love rejected? Sure you have somewhere along the way. How’d you feel? How did the rejection affect you?

Luke 13:31 At that time some Pharisees came to Jesus and said to him, “LEAVE THIS PLACE and go somewhere else. HEROD WANTS TO KILL YOU.”

We have to question why Pharisees who desired Jesus dead would warn Jesus about Herodwanting to kill him. Were they converting? Or, were they simply attempting to spook Jesus away from their area? This seems to be the most contextual answer. Jesus was bringing them grief. I think their request was more “Leave this place and go somewhere else” with a guise of “Herod wants to kill you.” Manipulative people do this. Has anyone ever told you something supposedly for your good, but in reality it was to get what they wanted? (continue sermon notes)

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