Living Like God video. Jesus is preaching about enjoying a blessed god-like abundant full life living like God paralleled with a bad woe life full of grief living like the devil. So, here, to me, is his theme and point: IF YOU ARE A REAL DISCIPLE THIS IS THE LIFE YOU LIVE. It’s a life living like God. This sermon instructs you not only how to live a god-like life, but how to know with certainty if you are a real follower/disciple of Jesus Christ.


by Delbert Young

Living Like God video (Luke 6:17-16-26)

Sermon notes

Living Like God video Luke 6:17-16-26

Scriptures: Luke 6:17-18; Luke 6:19; Luke 6:20-26; Luke 18:25; Luke 14:26; Luke 6:41; Matthew 5:29-30; Proverbs 25:16; Proverbs 27:7; Psalms 82:6; John 10:34-36; John 10:10; Luke 6:46Matthew 26:48-49; Matthew 27:3-5; Acts 1:18; Acts 1:25

Jesus is about to preach what is called “The Sermon on the Plain.” He’s been up all night praying. How do you feel after being up all night? After selecting and designating the twelve apostles, Jesus went down with them. There are three groups in this gathering: (1) them (the twelve); (2) large crowd of his disciples; and (3) a great number of people. We know who the twelve are –“them.” The people are those who came specifically to see and receive what they could. Let’s call them “nomads” for clarity. They’re checking out Jesus. The disciples mathetes {math-ay-tes’} a learner, pupil, disciple – are those who truly want to learn and change and follow.

In every church and spiritual gathering we find the same three groups. By your own truthful positioning, into which group do you best fit? Some come only to get what they can from God – go to heaven, avoid hell, be healed? Once they get it, or do not, they come no longer, they are nomads. Others are disciples – learners, pupils. Do you want to change your life? A few are called and designated by Jesus to do something special. Into which of those groups would you place yourself? A reason I ask and point this out is in this sermon Jesus teaches how to know if you are a real disciple, or deceived… (continue sermon notes)

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