As a horse’s bit directs, turns, and makes the horse obey it’s rider, our words direct , turn, and cause life to obey us. Exactly as a ship’s rudder sets its navigational course, your words set the course of life as we navigate through it.

By Pastor Delbert Young

Your Words Direct Your Life

Your Words Direct Your Life

Scriptures: James 3:3-5, James 3:6-10, Matthew 6:31

I don’t know if you noticed in the intro/transition video, but the definition of “‘WORDS'” is noun, pl. a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal CARRIER of meaning.” By definition, words are a “carrier.” Your words literally carry the meaning of your life and future events within them. If you’ve never heard teachings on the power of words, this will be eye-opening for you. If you have heard teaching, you need to hear it again. I know these things, but find myself sending wrong things into my future in my words. I’ll show you how powerful and creative your words are from the Bible in coming weeks.

One of the most amazing things is I find most Christ followers don’t realize the creative power in their words. You create your future with your own words. If you want a picture of how your life will be in five years, listen to what you are saying today. Today you are living what your words carried into your then future. Many of the things, good and bad, blessings and maybe curses, you created by your words. Your words direct your life.

James 3:3-5 When we put BITS into the mouths of horses to MAKE THEM OBEY US, we can TURN THE WHOLE ANIMAL. Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are STEERED by a very small RUDDER WHEREVER THE PILOT WANTS TO GOLIKEWISE THE TONGUE is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts…

Of course, this isn’t talking about the piece of meat inside our mouths per se. It’s speaking about words formed by the piece of meat in our mouths. Our words/tongue compares to a bit in a horse’s mouth directing where the horse goes. Your words compare to a rudder on a ship setting the course of the ship.Likewise the tongue, or likewise your words turn and steer your life. Your words control the direction of your life to or into what they’ve carried into your future.

You turn your life with your words as a bit turns the whole animal. If your life is not going the direction you want, you turn your whole life around with your words. You make your life obey you with your words. The horse doesn’t determine where it goes. The rider determines where the horse goes. You’re not just holding on. You determine where your life goes. You’re not just holding on. You tell your life where to go with your words.

Your life is steered and put on course with your words exactly as large ships are steered and put on course by its rudder using the strong winds to propel it. The strong winds do not direct the ship. The rudder directs the ship. You navigate life with your words. Where is your life heading? What is the compass heading you’ve set? You’re the pilot. Strong winds should propel you, not blow you around. Where do you want to go? Begin making great boasts in the direction you desire to travel. Create some strong winds blowing in your direction with your words. You set the course of your life with your words.

Let’s look at the negative Creative Power of Words.

(Amp) James 3:6-10 And the tongue is a FIRE. [The tongue is a] world of wickedness set AMONG OUR MEMBERSCONTAMINATING {AND} DEPRAVING THE WHOLE BODY and SETTING ON FIRE THE WHEEL OF BIRTH (the cycle of man’s nature), being itself IGNITED BY HELL (Gehenna). For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and sea animal, can be tamed and has been tamed by human genius (nature). But the human tongue can be tamed by no man. It is a restless (undisciplined, irreconcilable) EVIL, FULL OF DEADLY POISONWITH IT WE BLESS the Lord and Father, and WITH IT WE CURSE men who were made in God’s likeness! OUT OF THE SAME MOUTH COME FORTH BLESSING AND CURSING. These things, my brethren, ought not to be so.

With our words, we can bless, or we can curse. We understand we can curse “at” people. However, the emphasis is not how we curse others. The emphasis is how we curse our own lives with our words. Our words can be a destructive fire. Our words can make us wicked. Our words can contaminate and deprave the whole body. Can our own words affect our health? Our words can be a fire ignited by hell setting on fire our entire cycle of life setting our nature, character, and personality. Our words can be evil and full of deadly poison poisoning our own lives. No one can tame our words for us. We must consciously make a decision if we will use our words to bless our lives and others, or use our words to curse our lives and others which is actually cursing yourself.

We can curse our own selves with our words. It’s amazing what a problem this is with many people. You’ve heard people say, “I’m so stupid.” “I’m so clumsy.” “I’m so annoying.” “I can’t do anything right.” “I’m so fat.” I’m so slow.” “I’m so lazy.” Do you see you are cursing your own self when you do this? Words carry the meaning of the future. This is what your words will create. This is the direction your horse is going. This is the course your ship is on. You’ve poisoned your life.

Some people constantly talk about their problems and about how bad life is treating them. People talk about how bad the economy is and how impossible it is for them to be successful. What have they just done? Did they send out blessings or curses? When they do this, their words are carrying the definition of those words into their future. That’s the direction their horse is going and the course their ship is sailing. Unless they use their words as a bit to turn their lives and use their words like a rudder to set a new course, they will experience more problems, more bad experience in life, and more of an unhappy unsuccessful life.

Let’s talk a few minutes about what we need to do to send out blessings into our future. Of course over the next weeks, we’ll look at what to do more. In Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus teaches about being anxious and worrying. He basically says, don’t allow yourself to do it. Instead, trust God and seek first the kingdom. But he makes this most interesting statement.

Matthew 6:31 SO DO NOT WORRY, SAYING, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’

Don’t put your worries into words. Don’t allow yourself to speak into your worry. We all have concerns, but be cautious talking about what worries and concerns you in a negative manner. We all have concerns, but something supernatural happens when we speak them or talk about them. I’ve learned a thought will likely die unless spoken. Some people say, “Well, I thought it. I may as well say it.” No! It’s one thing to think it, but it’s a totally different thing to say it. Do not worry saying… Let the thought die. So, Number 1: Don’t’ send out your worries. Stop sending out curses into your future by not saying it. No matter how tempting, don’t give it supernatural life by saying it. Let the thought die.

Number two: Speak to the solution. For example, thoughts will come about your illness, but instead of saying what you worry over, use your words to carry life and health into your future. Instead of saying, “I’m never going to get well,” say, “I’m getting better every day. I’m getting better in every way.” Say, “I will prosper and be in good health even as my soul prospers” (3Jo 1:2). What’s worrying you? Speak the solution. Fill your words with the solution, not the problem. Don’t go call your friend and talk about how bad things are. “Don’t worry, saying…” It may be difficult to see a way, but God has a way. With man, it may be impossible, but with God all things are possible (Mat 19:26). Don’t curse your future. Instead of speaking into your financial problems, say, “My God shall supply all my need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Phi 4:19). So, Number 2: Speak into the solution, not the problem. Fill your words with God’s solution. Don’t feed the problem. Give life to the solution.

By definition, words are a “carrier.” Your words literally carry the meaning of your life and future events within them. Your words greatly determine your future. As a bit directs and turns a horse, your words direct and turn your life. Your life obeys your words. As a rudder sets the course of and navigates a large ship to where the pilot wants to go, your words set the course of your life, and you navigate where you want to go by your words. Your words control you’re your wheel of birth – circle of life – your nature. Only you can decide if your words will bless you and others, or if your words will curse. Don’t worry saying… Something supernatural happens when we speak our worries. Let them die as thoughts. Fill your words with blessings. Send blessings into your future. Let your words be carriers of blessing into your life’s meaning and future.

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