Challenge To sermon series audio video notes

Challenge To sermon series video audio and notes is about many challenges of life. We’ll talk about the challenge To do something great, the challenge to make great decisions, the challenge to self-manage, the challenge to belong, and the challenge of wilderness experiences.


Challenge to sermon series video audio notes


by Delbert Young

1. Do Something Great sermon audio notes

Jesus was the greatest communicator ever. He was articulate, humorous, and informative, but he did not stop with style and presentation. Jesus took the next step and challenged people to do something great. For example, the Rich Young Ruler – ‘Go, sell everything, and come follow me.’ That’s a challenge to be great.

2. Make Great Decisions sermon video audio notes

How many decisions do you make thinking this is only another unimportant decision you will make not realizing this one decision could be the largest decision you ever make in your life? For example, how huge could the decision be of a student in the back seat of a car with her boyfriend? How large is the decision of a parent to allow their child to date a person? Also, how large is the decision to do drugs the first time? Furthermore, how large is the decision to smoke the first cigarette that leads to years of addiction and maybe cancer? Of course, the decisions you make write your future. Moreover, the decisions you make define your character. Decisions you make tremendously affect others.

3. Self-Manage – sermon audio notes

Great people, outstanding people, successful people, people who make a difference are people who learned to self-manage – life, money, anger, health. They not only are able to manage projects, but they are also able to manage themselves, which is a far greater CHALLENGE than managing a project. They realize the importance of managing their own emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

4. Belong sermon video audio notes

Life sometimes is lonely, but it should not be this way for very long. God did not make us to be alone or lonely. God made us to belong. We must have people to aid us through life if we want a great life and want to do great things. There’s a challenge to belong. This is one of the very first truths, the Bible teaches.

5. Challenge of Wilderness – sermon audio video notes

Did you know approximately 1/3 of the earth’s land is desert wilderness? What does this tell you about your world? It tells me maybe 1/3 of life could be wilderness times. People go through WILDERNESS and DESERT times. You might say, “Oh yes, I remember. That is where Jesus went to be tempted forty days, or that is where the children of Israel went for an entire generation.” You would be correct, but it is also a place where you will find yourself from time to time. It’s the lonely place that often comes with a crisis.

6. Challenge for Children sermon notes

Challenge for Children sermon notes. So, Dad, do you attempt to give orders to instruct, or do you instruct by giving quality time? I have noticed most unruly children have spent little quality time with their fathers or stepfathers. It carries over into their spiritual life as well. To them, Father God will not be fun to be around. He will only be a Father of orders and commands. The primary challenge for a child is to OBEY YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER.

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