Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

People You Push Up Divine Encounters audio video notes. Every one of us should have project people. We should have someone we believe in and work to push up. We should give advice, and wisdom, introduce them to our contacts, and help them in every single way we can. Your future and your goals are linked to these people. Push them up and the Lord will push you up.


By Pastor Delbert Young

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up







Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

Scriptures: Luke 6:38, Ecclesiastes 11:1

There are people God will bring into your life who hold the key to your promotion and your going higher. I’m not talking about those who give you breaks and help you. I’m talking about people God will bring into your life, not to help you, but rather for you to help them get to a new level. You don’t realize it, but they are directly connected to your destiny. You can’t go higher until you help them go higher.

Luke 6:38 IF YOU GIVE, YOU WILL RECEIVE. Your gift will return to you in full measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, and running over. Whatever measure you use in giving – large or small – it will be used to measure what is given back to you.”

Give freely, but give knowing. Give knowing what you give will come back, and give knowing it’s all connected. You help people. God helps you. If you will help others fulfill their dreams, God will bring it back to you. When you do something for someone to help them, it begins a chain reaction and comes back to you bigger and better.

On purpose, God puts people into your life. It can be anyone – a neighbor, co-worker, maybe someone at church, or a cashier at the convenience store. This person is connected to your destiny. If you will use your influence to help them, encourage them, and PUSH them UP, as they go higher, you will go higher. When you cast it out, it comes back to you.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

Ecclesiastes 11:1 Give generously, for YOUR GIFTS WILL RETURN TO YOU LATER. Divide your gifts among many, for you do not know what risks MIGHT LIE AHEAD.

Notice what you give directly connects to what lies ahead for you. It will be returned to you later. God tells us what we give is setting up our own futures. God will make certain it comes back to us. When we give favor to someone, favor will come back to us. When we give our influence to help others, others will give their influence to help us, and when we open doors to help others go higher, God will make certain someone opens doors for us to go higher.

Every one of us should have a project person. We should have someone we believe in and work to push up. We should give advice, and wisdom, introduce them to our contacts, and help them in every single way we can. People say, “I have my own agenda. I have my own goals and my own plans to achieve my own future. I don’t have time.” No. You need to see it a different way. Your future and your goals ARE linked to this person for whom you say you do not have time. God put them into your life for you to give so he can give back to you through people. God brought them into your path for a reason.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

If you will push them up, God will make certain you are pushed up.

What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. When you take time to invest in someone else, God will make certain someone invests in you. It will come back again – a chain reaction.

I ask you today, who do you push up? Into whom are you investing? Who are you helping fulfill dreams? Look around. There are people in your life right now who hold the key to your going higher.

You are where you are today because people pushed you up by investing in you. I remember all the encouragement from my parents who told me repeatedly I could do anything. My grandparents loved me and taught me life lessons. Aunts and uncles taught me things. Sunday school teachers imparted to me. As a student, I had a pastor who took a little extra time with me. Ball coaches pushed me and taught me teamwork. Schoolteachers do their best to make us better people, smarter, and wiser. They taught me to read, add, and write.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

My father-in-law, employers, friends, wife, my pastor spent time with me, helped me, and encouraged me.

Many of you pushed me up. The list goes on. If you could see all the people who made me who I am today, they would not fit on this platform, or maybe not into this building. The fact is none of us got to where we are by ourselves. People pushed us up. People made sacrifices of their time, wisdom, money, etc so we could go further.

“Well, I wasn’t raised in a loving, helping environment.” Maybe not, but someone somewhere went out of their way to help you. Maybe, your dad left your family. It’s tough, but your mother stepped up to give you everything she could, or your grandparents pushed you up, or a coach or a teacher helped you.

You never lose when you push people up. Those you push up will push others up. When you take time to invest in people, it begins a chain reaction. Then, when you go higher, it means you can bring others higher.

(NIV) Ecclesiastes 11:1 Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

It may seem small, like throwing bread in water, but what you do keeps giving and giving. We need to develop a lifestyle of pushing people up and looking for people whom we can push up. It doesn’t have to be huge. It can be encouragement at a “give up” moment, or an invitation to lunch, or taking someone up on an invitation to lunch, or a phone call to let someone know you care.

Also, it doesn’t have to be someone considered “beneath you.” It could be your boss whom you help to look better. Around here, I’m not the boss, but all these people do all this stuff as unto the Lord, but they also do it to make me look good and God blesses each of them.

Shem, Ham, and Japheth helped Noah build the ark,

but it was from Shem, Ham, and Japheth all the nations of the earth came. Jacob helped his uncle Laban go higher and become wealthy, then God gave Jacob the eternal blessing, wealth, and family. It comes back. All through scripture, we see this.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

Elijah became old and Elisha took care of him. I’m sure Elisha was asked, “Why are you helping the old man? You have your own life to live,” but Elisha understood the principle. His future was directly connected to “pushing up” Elijah. When Elijah went up in the fiery chariot, Elijah’s mantle came down to Elisha who experienced double the success as Elijah. The principle is if you push others up, even superiors, expect double the blessing to come down on you.

My sister-in-law is like this. She has this huge heart to help people. She would cook, visit, or do things for older people. It’s never failed. She ends up with a double portion of the blessing. They leave her an inheritance or bless her in some huge way.

I remember before I went into the ministry.

I was a supervisor in a manufacturing company. Up the ladder I went quickly and was the youngest man to become a supervisor in the organization at this time. I always made my boss look good. If I were in quality control, I would make our plant the top plant in quality. If in production on a shift, I made my shift top in production. Soon, I had my own shift and my own department. My point is I went up because I pushed others up. I made superiors look good. My supervisors loved me. I was about to leave the organization and move to LaFayette to pastor. My boss’ boss made an appointment with me to come to his office.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

He told me, “Delbert, I don’t know how to compete with God, but is there anything I can do to get you to change your mind and stay?” I will never forget this conversation. He was a tough person to please, but I pleased him. I pushed him up. I had made him look good. He said, “If church doesn’t work out for you, come back. I will have you a place.” Well, “Church” did work out. Later the plant closed, not because I left (I, in no way insinuate this), but I am still going and double blessed in every area of life. It comes back later. I was setting up my destiny by pushing up my superiors way back when.

Are you pushing anyone up?

Are you investing in anyone? I believe we stagnate in life because we stop pushing others up. I think I have stagnated some. When I look at my life over the past few years and I haven’t pushed people up as well as I once did then I need to change. God is showing us all how we need to find people to push up.

A good place to start is with family. Push up those close to you. Judy is constantly pushing me up. I wouldn’t be who I am today if not for her. I pushed up my children, but now my children push me up. Lance always made me look good and intelligent. Bonnie always pushed me to dress nice and not be cheap on my clothes. Both my children are always helping others. Bonnie is constantly doing things for everyone and she is a blessed woman. Push your spouse up. Push your children up, and push your parents up, nephews up, nieces up, etc. Find someone to push upward.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

Many of you know Patrick and Mary Grace Murphy.

Mary Grace attended church here until she married and moved. Mary Grace was pregnant with her first child. Things seemed to be going fine with the pregnancy. Then some horrible reports came. The doctors said all sorts of abnormalities and deformities had taken place and they would take the baby the next morning. Alex was born but had none of the horrible deformities projected. He was born with Down syndrome. Mary Grace and Patrick (both treasures of God) kept their faith up. They refused to allow Downs Syndrome to pull them down, or hold Alex down. Instead, they began to push Alex up.

They made certain Alex got the best care possible – speech therapists, occupational therapists, school, teachers, etc. As I was literally sitting, writing, and preparing this lesson, the Lord had Mary Grace call me. I explained to her what I was doing and asked her to write me a short writing along these lines.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

I quote her.

“There are so many wonderful things in our lives that wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have Alex. I see God in so many things that have happened to us… It has raised such a bar in our lives having Alex in our lives. There were so many days at the beginning of Alex’s life when all I could do was ask ‘Why me? I KNOW I’ve been a very good and faithful child! What are you doing to me!’ I would be so angry!!!!!”

First, God worked things for them to take care of all the outrageous medical expenses.

They found “two incredible programs at Vanderbilt and one of the best school systems in the country for Alex” and wanted to move to the Nashville area for Alex. Through a “chain reaction” of amazing miracles, including two people connecting on an airplane going to France, Patrick is now a Spanish professor at Vanderbilt where they said they didn’t need a Spanish program. God figured they did. Now Alex gets all this wonderful care. This is great right there, but God wasn’t done. Grace and Patrick pushed Alex up. God would push them up. They live in this very nice house in an amazing neighborhood.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

“There are so many world-renowned programs here for us. We have such an amazing life here in Franklin (just 10 miles south of Nashville).” Of course, Alex is such a blessing and if you don’t want to be hugged, don’t get close to him. “I ask God nowadays to PLEASE continue to bless our lives as he’s been doing… When we let him take control and realized he knew what he was doing (because I was sure he had me mixed up with somebody else!), things just went so much easier and more quickly. What we once thought was a horrible thing is now such an awesome blessing.”

What am I trying to say? Patrick and Grace could have just accepted the fact they have a Down syndrome child, but instead, they pushed Alex upward. God says when you push others up I’ll make sure you go higher.

The name Patrick Henry Hughes probably doesn’t ring a bell, but it will after today.

I could have used Patrick for the lesson “No Excuses” a few weeks ago, but my point today is really not Patrick. It’s his dad, John. Patrick was born with Bilateral Anophthalmia (one in a 100,000) and with Pterygium Syndrome (born without eyes and limbs that never straighten). Patrick’s dad, Patrick John Hughes, said and asked, “Why us? We played by all the rules. We didn’t understand.” However, he quickly saw the unbelievable musical ability in Patrick and began to push Patrick up.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

John changed jobs and worked the graveyard shift with UPS so he could take and be with his son in school and on the field with the marching band at the University of Louisville. Yes! Patrick’s dad pushes Patrick in a wheelchair at every game. He learns all the marching formations, routines, twirls, spins, alignments, etc. He pushes Patrick in every practice and every game. Today, instead of “Why us, and what did we do wrong?” Patrick’s dad asks, “What did we do to deserve such a blessing with a child like this?” He pushed Patrick up. What came back to him? Some of you might have seen this family on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. If not then check it out.

(video link terminated)

God gave John a brand new huge several hundred thousand dollar debt-free house among many other things. It will come back to you. You set your future when you push others up.

Let me ask you again, are you pushing anyone up? Are you doing anything to make anyone other than yourself better? Look around. God has put someone in your life for you to PUSH UP. Do you think you don’t have time to help anyone because of your own agenda? See this differently. They are directly connected to your agenda. If you will push them up, God will make sure you are pushed up. If you take some of your precious time (I don’t say this in a bad sense, for time is precious) and invest it into someone else, I promise you, God will reward you.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

Every minute you use to encourage a person, every mile you go out of “your way” to help someone, every penny you spend to help someone onward, God sees it and will not only bring it back. He will multiply it for you. When you push people up, you may as well get ready. The double blessings will come down. Doors will open. Opportunities will happen. The favor of God will be upon you and you will experience your dreams.

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

People You Push Up

Maximize Your Destiny: People You Push Up

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