Smile Staying Positive When series

Smile Staying Positive When series audio video notes. How can I maintain a good attitude when… I had a bad mother, or had a bad father, or I’m negative about myself, or going through dark times in my life, or when I gossip and slander, or when I’m pushed by people, or when I have enemies, or when I’m not happy, or when I have low self-worth? Let’s talk about it.

Smile Staying Positive When…

Smile Staying Positive

Smile Staying Positive When series audio video notes

You Had a Bad Mother – sermon video audio notes

Life gets off to a negative beginning when you had a bad mother. How can we be positive and have a good life when we had a bad mother? Surely, if anything can cause a person to live a negative life, it is having a bad mother. We all know people who had bad mothers. When we investigate, we most frequently see they struggle in areas of their life directly associated with having a bad mother. It’s in Smile staying positive when… series.

You Are Negative About Yourself – sermon video audio notes

Negative About Yourself? The opinion you have of yourself is the most valuable and important opinion you have about anyone. How you feel about others begins with how you feel about yourself. If, on the inside, you feel yourself as inferior, not talented, small, of no valuable, etc. you will become exactly what you feel. We constantly convey what is happening on the inside outwardly.

In Dark Times – sermon video audio notes

We all go through dark times in life. Why is that? When understood, dark times are a blessing, not bad. Our good times are actually a result of our dark times. Dark times germinate our seed dreams, seed goals, seed talents, seed objectives, and seed potential. It’s in Smile staying positive when… series.

Smile Staying Positive When…

Gossip and Slander Avoiding – sermon video audio notes

Gossips, slanderers, talebearers are negative unblessed people. God turns his back on them. Noah had a drinking problem. The only reason we know about it because of gossip, spreading rumors, innuendos, talebearing, and slander.

You Are Pushed Around – sermon video audio notes

It’s difficult to stay positive when you feel you’re being pushed around and bullied. We don’t understand why things happen. Situations push us around and bully us taking us out of our comfort zones – work, family, a boss, a bill collector, etc. Who is pushing you? It’s in Smile staying positive when… series.

You Had A Bad Dad – sermon video audio notes

There are 5 great characters bad dads do not have, but great fathers do. This is true even if you are a man after God’s own heart – like King David who was a bad dad.

You Have Enemies – sermon video audio notes

God uses our enemies to bless us. What may seem a disappointment, such as when someone actually attempted to destroy you, was intended by God to push you up to your next level if you stay positive. No one enjoys these times, but the truth is you can’t reach your full destiny without them. It’s all a part of God’s plan to get you where you need to be. It’s in Smile staying positive when… series.

Smile Staying Positive When…

Not Happy – sermon video audio notes

God didn’t create life to endure. God created life to enjoy and be happy. Yet, some people go through life complaining about something. They’re always unhappy. They are sour. It’s too hot or too cold. It’s always something. Someone’s always done them wrong. They are always sick. They have trained their minds to see the bad.

Your Self-Worth Is Low – sermon video audio notes

How can you smile and stay positive when you have little or no self-worth? Many people live life intimidated. They are insecure. They feel everyone is brighter, more attractive, talented, and smarter than they.

Your Self-Worth Low 2 – sermon video audio notes

Self-Worth Low 2 – People go through life feeling disqualified. They had a bad family life, abused, treated badly, made mistakes maybe physical difficulty. These attack our self-worth and stop us from rising higher living the life God has for us. It’s in Smile staying positive when… series.

Smile Staying Positive When…

Smile Staying Positive When...

Smile Staying Positive When…

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