The Power of Words – Building a Life of Victory

Power of Words series video audio notes. We use words to accuse a person or encourage a person. We use words to make people laugh or make people cry, and we use words to bring healing or hurt. Words are used to teach truth or tell lies. We use words to bless or curse. We use words to create gossip or to stop gossip. Your words will bring you victory in life, or your words will bring you defeat.


Power of Words series video audio notes

Power of Words series video audio notes

Create Your World – audio notes

Your words create your world in which you live. We learn this principle from God who created his world with his words. God created the world he wanted using his words. He kept speaking to his world until he made his world excellent in every way. This same principle is true today. Your words create your world and continue to create it every day.

Murmuring and Complaining – sermon audio notes

We think about profanity being vile filthy talk and surely, it is, but did you know murmuring and complaining is even worse talk? Murmuring and complaining will stop you from experiencing the life God has planned for you. We all know it is wrong to murmur and complain, but I am not sure we know how dangerous doing it actually is.

Irrevocable Blessing – sermon audio video

There is power in our words. There is a supernatural power released for your children when you declare and pronounce an irrevocable blessing upon them. It cannot be changed. Use your words to speak blessings over people. Declare great things for the future of your children and grandchildren.

Speak to Your Mountains – sermon notes

Some of you have prayed and prayed about a situation – a mountain. You should pray, but there comes a time when you must speak to it. I know you pray about your circumstances, but do you speak to them? Praying is great, but don’t stop there. Go one more level and speak to your mountain. Your speaking to it can make it disappear.

Speak No Evil – sermon notes

If we really want to enjoy life, we must keep our tongue from speaking evil about anyone. We will eat the consequences. We think we are only hurting the person we are talking about, but in reality, we are poisoning our very own lives and futures.

Overcoming Negative Words – video audio notes

What about negative words spoken to us? Do the negative words of others come to pass? What happens when someone says, “You are never going to be successful”? “You don’t have what it takes.” “You are not qualified.” Or maybe, “You are not capable of doing this.” Do the negative words of others seal your future? They don’t have to.

Power of Words series video audio notes

Power of Words series video audio notes

Power of Words series video audio notes

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